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Malygos - Boss Strategy Guide

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Do you know much about the Malygos Raid? It is is one of the best encounters in the game that present many challenges throughout three phases.

Phase 1

The main tank should position Malygos facing North, while the raid stands behind Malygos at the south. The sparks spawn randomly at any of the 4 spawn points (NE, NW, SE, and SW).

Assign four to five healers to main tank healing while Malygos is on the ground. Malygos' breath can one shot a tank if not topped off. All other healers should heal the raid through Arcane Storm volley.

During Vortex, all priests and druids should use their AoE heal abilities to keep the raid up.

Dealing with Power Sparks
Power Sparks spawn in the sky at one of the four marked spawn points, at NE, NW, SE, or SW. They fly directly towards Malygos and aggro does not work to "distract" them from their goal. Their flight time is approximately 30 seconds.

As a Power Spark heads towards Malygos, death knights in the raid should make note of its position and be ready to Death Grip it. Power Sparks cannot be Taunted, but Death Grip *will* pull them to the death knight before they can resume their path towards Malygos. Once the Power Spark is in range, the death knight should Death Grip the Power Spark to the raid and a paladin should immediately use Hammer of Justice to stun the Power Spark. This gives the raid enough time to kill the Power Spark, creating the beneficial power aura (lasting 60 seconds) on the ground underneath the players.

It is very useful, if possible, to kill Power Sparks in the same location as the previous Power Spark died. This creates a double stack of the power aura, increasing player damage by a total of 125%. This is a major DPS buff and makes the third phase of the fight much easier because of Malygos' strict berserk timer.

Dealing with Vortex
Every minute, Malygos will cast Vortex, which pulls all players in and spins them around, dealing 20,000 damage to everyone. While flying around in Vortex, you can "turn" your character by looking at the arrow on your minimap. All players should face North, except the main tank who should face South. When Vortex ends, move immediately back to your position.

Phase 2 - Adds
When Malygos reaches 50%, he goes up in to the air and spawns many enemies to fight you.

Nexus Lord (Health: 567,000) - Four land on the ground and need to be tanked. They hit reasonably hard and also cast Arcane Shock on the tank, dealing 15k damage. Each time a Nexus Lord dies, a Hoverdisk will fall to the ground. Melee classes can ride these disks by right-clicking them, allowing to DPS the Scions of Eternity floating around the room.

Scion of Eternity (Health: 300,000) - Flying add that rotates around the room. They randomly shoot Arcane Barrage at players on the ground that deal 18,000 damage to players outside of the Anti Magic Shell.

Malygos - During this phase, Malygos will drop Anti Magic Shells to the ground that reduce magic damage to players inside by 50%. The shells shrink over time, so players should move to each new shell as soon as it is dropped to the platform.He will also cast Deep Breath, which steals 4,000 damage a second to anyone outside of an Anti Magic Shell.

Once all adds are dead, phase 2 ends and phase 3 begins.

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