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Melee Guide

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Melee Combat
Melee combat is divided into three main areas: Attack, Strength and Defense. Attack will determine your accuracy when fighting and will increase your consistency when hitting opponents. Strength will determine how hard you hit your opponent. Finally, Defense relates to how resilient you are to attacks and how often your opponent will hit you. The higher your Defense, the more likely the opponent is to miss.
Wielding a weapon will display the training styles available and what combat skills you can train with that weapon.

Training Attack
To train Attack, you will need to select 'Accurate' attack styles from the combat menu.
Having a higher Attack level not only means you will hit the opponent more often, but it will also enable you able to train with stronger/better weapons.

Training Strength
Strength ultimately determines the amount of damage you can deal to an opponent. With a strong weapon and a high Strength level, you will find yourself able to deal a significant amount of damage to a monster or player!
To train Strength, you would use the 'Aggressive' options from the combat sub-menu. These will purely train your Strength, making you able to gain Strength levels quicker.

Training Defense
Defense refers to the chance you have of being hit. A higher Defense level makes you a tougher warrior, giving you the ability to last longer against any foe.
To train Defense, you should select the 'Defensive' option from the Attack style screen.
A large part of Defense is amour. Having more resilient amour, combined with a good Defense level, will minimize the chances of being hit. As with Attack, there is a variety of choices depending on your Defense level.

Training Controlled
Training controlled will boost all of the skills (Attack, Strength, Defense and Hitpoints) equally; this means that the experience you gain is divided up among the skills. Although this may seem slower to some players, it means that you are increasing all four skills at one time.
To train controlled, just select the option in the combat screen for the weapon you are using.

Getting Experience
The amount of experience you get from hitting an opponent is based upon a number of things.
The experience you receive will vary, depending on the combat level of the monster you are fighting. You are in control of what experience you receive as you can choose your fighting style, therefore controlling how your experience is distributed.
When training, it maybe worth considering your opponents' (player or monster) weaknesses. Certain amours are weak to different styles of attack. The main Attack styles include stab, slash and crush attacks.
Before you begin training your combat ensure that you have a large stock of food in your bank. You do not want the inconvenience of stopping your training to get more food.

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