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Money Making Tips in RuneScape!

Author: - Source: salmoneus.net

First i wanna say sal, ur website is wiked.ok the tip. if you have about 50k this works rilly well.... go to fallador and buy lobs at 150 gp until you have no more money...then, go to west varok bank in world 1 and sell for 250-300 gp ea!!!i gotta tell you that this has done wonders for me and i make almost 1 mil a week!!(if you have enough money) and repeat this process..happy money making!
Starfire509 - starfire again. i have a really good way 2 make aroung like 11k-how many $s you want. first get some flax, then make them into bow strings. then do the same thing over and over until you have how ever many bow strings u want. Then make then into notes and sell them 4 100gp each. I got like, 58k by doing this.
Clinton Woo - I would like to say awesome site sal! Ok, if you are a member, get your theiving to 29. Then go to east Ardougne and pick the south house a few steps east then go upstairs and disarm trap on the norther chest and you will get 3gp and a nature rune, repeat alot and put in bank and sell to players for 300-350 gp each! I made 34k from only 91 runes!
Justrkomore - A good way to make money is to make strength potions. To do this bring a sharp weapon with you to Varrock sewers. Run through the entire sewer until reaching a web. Slash it open and run south then west until you reach some deadly red spiders. Take their eggs. Now give the eggs and 5gp to the apothecary to make a strength potion. Then sell them to high leveled pkers.
Rouge Menace - Hey Sal, you may remember me from such forums as, YOURS! Anyways I have two money making tips to do with theiving.
1. At 20 theiving, steal silk in ardougne and put them in the bank. Later you can sell them somewhere, like varrock or if you avoid the stall for a bit, Ardougne.
2. At 35 theiving steal fur at the fur stall in Ardougne. Then sell them to that guy in varrock that buys them.

03jgarland - I always hear people asking about how they can make "fast money." The truth is, there's no such thing. I'm an avid fisherman, and I can usually make about one million gold in three to four hours. That's great money, but it took me ages to get where I am. My advice to anybody that wants to make money is to just stick with it. Nothing in life, whether it be virtual or real, is ever free.
Jewelly55 - this tip is a gud money makin scheme thatll make u about 300-500k per hour... wot u need 2 do is get ur theivin 2 about 27(ish) make it 30 2 be sure, then wot u wanna do is head in2 ardougne from the east and go in one of the houses on the way on in2 the town square (with all the stalls) and upstairs is a chestand if u disarm the trap and open it ther is a few nats inside, then u go down-stairs and bak up to disarm the trap and repeat this for as long as u wnt. my record in an hour is bout 6,000,
jewelly p.s likin the website
Rahsk - Runecrafting!!!! I make so much money with it. Use the runesellers teleport in Varrock, mine rune ess, teleport out, run to bank, repeat as nesscesary. Eventually when you get good enough you can craft law runes (about 1k for each rune as of Feb. 2005). When your mining runes you can visit other sites since it doesnt stop mining until you hav a full inventory. I love this site!!!!!
Aragorn EX - Sup sal! You have a great site! anyhow a great way to make money is mining rune essence. Just go to aubrey and select teleport (you have to complete rune mysteries quest) and mine away! Go and put it in your bank and repeat. When you get like 500-1000 sell for 20-30gp each. People always buy. Big mulah!!!

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