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Money Making Tips in RuneScape!

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Mikex134 - was up sal?
Anyway, when you get your fishing and cooking lvls to 40 fish and cook lobbies until you get around 500 lobbies. Then go next to wildy or Taverley dungeon and sell them to people(sell for no less then 150ea).You should get around 75k-100k and a lot of xp. Happy fishing! 8 )
long way. If you want to get a lot of money and have a really honest friend then this is for you! First, meet your friend in adrouge and start stealing silk. Then give the silk to your friend and tell him to sell it for 60ea. You'll get 1k680 ea time and you can split that with your friend making it...840 gp ea! Happy thieving!
Xia0jing - hey, its me first tip about money...if you can fish tuna/lobs/sworddy..but mostly tuna best...go to karamja, there haf a fishing spot...juz head west...thn head north...get a harpoon/cage to start fishing ... thn train on ur cooking skills, cook the wateva sea creature u got and then sell it to shops...easy money to earn anyway...but only for players who have fishing lvl 35 and above...=) 2nd tip...if ur lvl is not up to lvl at the river...for trout/salmon...cook it and sell it to shops~...only for player wif fishing lvl 20 and above..=)
PK the Black - i found an new way of making 100k
in 4-5 hours stay around the chicken farm kill loads of chickens
take all the feathers they cost
10gp-5p each to good felcthers and good fishers get 10,000 feathers
and the sell them about 50 to 100k
Nannujerry - Making money tip
If you would want to make somethen follow this tip:
Requirments: at least lvl 16 runecrafting, 1k rune essence.
First mine 1k rune essence then make them air/mind runes. After when you have 2k mind/air runes sell them for about 40gp each. Don't sell them 1 by 1 all at a time. You ill totally get 80k for all of them!
Cool or what?
Zarefore - if you've tried most things but cant make money spin flax(found near seers)into bowstrings(spining wheel also near seers) you can sell for 100 gp each! you can get 2.8k worth of bow string in about 5 mins that means 33.6k per hour! hope i helped!
Zip239 - These money making tips are for memebrs only! If you are a member, then the two things you should do, if you are a high enough lvl is to get a ring of wealth, and go fire giant killing. These guys drop dragon med helms, dragon half sheilds, rune arrows, blood runes, and rune scimitars. The second tip is to get 55 magic, then fletch like no tommorow. Soon you can make 200 per when you high alch maple bows, if you get to magic longs then you can get 1550gp per alch!
Piken Freak - hey sal nice site! for all runescapers out there go kill giants in deep edgeville dungeon get about 1k big bones and sell them for 300 each at world 1(thats300k!)
Alex - a really easy way to make money is to save up to about 50k or a little higher then buy coal 100 each in fallador then sell it for 120-150 each, keep repeating this process untill you can buy more andthe more you sell the more money you get. my freind taught me this hes a lvl 3 and from that he already has 1 mill and a halloween mask!!! obviously it works.
PinkFloydBoy - to make money. get a rune pick first of all. then, mine all the wow gold u possibly can. craft jewelery. (u need a smithing lvl of at least 40 to smelt gold. and u need to be at least lvl 5 to craft nething gold) sell the jewelery to the general store. even just the rings that u can craft at lvl 5 crafting go for 140 gp each. sell 10 of these, and u'll have 1.4 k easy as that. u'll get even more money for better jewelery

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