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Money Making Tips in RuneScape!

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Evil Person 8 - A really great way to make money fast is to go to the Fur Stall in East Ardougne and steal gray wolf fur until you get up to about 100 furs and then go to Varrock and sell them to the fur trader in the middle of the city. At first he'll give you 150 gp for each, and after alot of selling he'll go down to 120 each, which is still a LOT. This will give you about 12K in less than an hour! (You must have at least lvl 34 thieving to steal from fur stalls).
Gonger65 - chop lots and lots of maples till you get at least 1k and the nsell them for 100k. That is how i earn my money fast, and theres good exp. in it too. The average amount of maples i would get per day is probably 500 but i 65 woodcutting so best of luck in earninig your heavy duty cash
Iamimortal99 - hi, it's me again, just before i say anything else, i LOVE your site! it's so cool! OK, now to the tips.
When your on to steel smithing, then just smith only steel! don't bother with smithing any more iron.when you get to 47- 49 smithing, you should be able to smith steel plate body's. smith them ONLY, and sell them in local shops!. if you sell around 1000, then you will be rich enought to buy dragon stuff! cool heh? hope this helps. bye! iamimortal99 ( add me if you want :) , i might feel generous...)
Pnkpantha007 - This tip is for people who have completed Doric's quest and can mine and smith mith or addy. Go to dwarven mines and mine coal, and mith or addy. Go to Falador furnace and smith, go to Dorics anvil and make shields. Finally, go to shield shop near Falador north entrance and sell the shields. Optionally, you can go to either of the banks and sell the shields.(you can also bank everything, but it takes longer because you have to constantly return to bank.)
TowerJack - If you would like to make lots of money on top of raising smithing and mining lvls mine 2k coal, 1k iron, and make 1k steel bars. You can now sell these steel bars for 500 gp each which comes out to a whopping 500,000 gps. or you can buy the coal for 150 each, which comes out to 300k and still make 200k plus the experience from smithing it.
Do you have stuff to sell but can't find a buyer? Well, you have 2 routes available to you.
1. Go to world 1 and try to find a buyer...Its THE Trading world.
2. Go to various forums and find the marketplace. You should have no problem finding a buyer.
Jarad933 - yo i was a noob because i lost full rune in wildy but by sellin yews 300 each i got 254k. I got full rune again so the point is work on woodcuting it rocks. sal ur website rocks!!!!!!!!
Chronos Elf - if you want easy money here is the way to do it, if you have a woodcutting level of 30 or higher go to draynor village and by the little fishing spot there are willows, chop heaps down until you get to about 500 logs, then sell them for 10k. this will get you money and woodcutting exp. it doesn't take long, and when you get to level 60 in WC, cut down yews and sell then for around 100-200 gold each. this is VERY easy, it may take a while, but be patient.Thanks
Cyborgxxi - Hello there! My first tip on this GREAT website! Okay, here is my tip for the week. Finish off the rune mysteries quest, then go start mining rune essences! Yes, it may seem boring and many people quit on the first 30 minutes. Get about 500~1000 (it will take less than 1~2hours). DONT EVERY SELL THEM FOR 10~15 gold pieces!! Go to world 1 and sell em for 30!! I'm serious! Make some serious cash and come off happy! I'll do it again :D Yippeee!
Goddess Lemo - Here is a tip that will get you lota of money. do quest that allows you to mine rune essence. get runecraft to level 14. Keep mining essence until you have 16,200 in bank, then turn them into fir runes in al kharid dessert. Go to Varrock's runeshop and keep on selling 10 at a time for 6gp. when done you should have 97,200gp.(spend wisely) you can repeat process to get even more, but don't sell to much in one rune shop. Try going to sarams port and selling some there, then try other worlds.

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