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Money Making Tips in RuneScape!

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Mvp 5 - a good way to make cash is str pots you will need red spider eggs and limp roots and 5gp for each str pot u make and sell them for 1-2k(i made over 100k in 2 days)beware the red spiders are lvl 36 and u need to kill hobgoblins for the limp roots lvl 32
Flameboy2026 - If you ever walk past a general store, ALWAYS check what it has to sell. One time I had a look, and it had 149 mithril daggers for sale, 12 gp each!!! I bought 23 of them, costing me around 400 gp... But then I went to a sword shop, and sold for 137 gp EACH!!! i made an easy 25k... ALL BY CHECKING THE GENERAL STORE!!!
anorectic - A fast way to get money is to sell big bones. sell them for 200 gp each, and you will be richer :)
Iamimortal99 - When you first start runescape, try to get your mining level as high as possible, then get to about 60 mining.Then mine loads of mithril ores,then sell them, and save up to buy a rune pick.Then, mine coal and more mithril and sell it, and in no time at all, you'll be rich!!! another way of making money is to go in to the wildy, but only go to lvl 10 wildy MAX!!! and remember to buy loads of cooked lobbys or swordies, as they can help and heal you LOADS. remember to bring the best armour and weapons, but keep in mind that you could die and loose it all!!!
Spinny458 - Spinny458 here!!! Im a persistant fletcher who has loads of cash. I have a way to train your archery and/or make millions of gp!
First, chop 1,000 logs and carve them into arrow shafts. Next, aquire 1,000 steel barz and smith em into arrow heads. This may not sound hard but next you need to get 15k feathers. Once you have all those, you should have everything you need to make 15k steel arrows!!!!!! Sell them for 40 gp or more each and you should end up with about..... 600,000 gp!!!! Do the same with other types of arrows to make a fortune!!!! I traded 20k mithril arrows to a guy and I got full Guthix rune!!! Peace out Sal!!
Gatesentinel - Also, a great way to get money is by setting a reasonable goal of coal to get everyday, and if you keep on mining that much everyday, eventually you will have a lot of coal. (you can do the samething with other ores)
alexcplayer - Theres a awesome way of getting rare items and money!! note:you should be level 45 or above; well anyway, you take 60 coins and go to port sarim, take the trip to karamja and go to the mountains located east, go down and go to the lessers, make sure you bring lots of food, kill lessers and they drop heck alot of stuff, one time i got rune med helm which i sold for 11 k, they also drop gold and runes!!
Booksrock3 - find as much limpwurt root as you can then get alot of red spider eggs then have them turned in to strength potions and sell them at the edge of the wild i got a rune scimmy from this
Sethwenen - Making money, you are going to think its crazy but if you are level 50 instead of mining coal, mine iron, you can get it most of the times instantly, so is faster, you can have up to 3k of iron in one day, and there is always people that buy it at 100gps, If you mine coal you can mine around 1k a day and it sells at 150gps.Then compare, I make 300k a day (with iron), while other people make only 100k a day, this way, in some days you can be buying all trimmed armours you want, all holyday drops, ammys, weapons, and more.
Strongbad - On this site on Sal's moneymaking guide he put something about mining 2000 coal and 1000 iron and smithing it into 200 steel plates and you'll get 196k from high alching them. Well I did this and it worked great. I sold them to horvik and got about half of what you get form high alch but it was still great. I didn't beleive it would be that simple to make money but it was so listen to this site!!!
Whitenitrous - Mine coal lots of coal. But if you are like me (lazy) just try getting 100-200 a day 10 days 200 coal up to 250000gp especially in world 1. other wise it gets extreamly boring.

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