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Money Making Tips in RuneScape!

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One Big Tipper - If you are looking to make a lot of money quick would be to go to Falador and go to where the shortcut to the mines is located, get a decent pick and go mine coal down in the mines once you have filled your inventory you should head back to the bank and deposit them. (don't forget about fatigue) Then repeat wait until you have around 1000 coal in the bank. Then head to Draynor village where you can trade the coal for certs (certificates) then head to Varrock square and sell for around 1k each enjoy the spoils! (spend wisely) :)
Servant of Zamorak - If u want fast money and ur a member get 5 thieving and go to Ardougne. Then steal 1k cakes from the cake stall. I got 170k in like a day and u can snag choc slices too. Pk'ers buy the cakes about 100-150 each

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