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Money making professions :Crafting

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Leatherworkers, blacksmiths, engineers, enchanters, tailors and even alchemists in a way can sell their "ability to craft" something for a small fee. The fee you can ask will generally depend on the rarity of the item, and how much effort or cash you put into raising your skill. Don't craft anything for free, unless something is ridiculously easy to make or you're making the item for friends. A small tip of 1-30g should be quite reasonable in most cases. Time is money after all.

Another way to get cash by crafting, is to provide basic materials. Have your customer bring the rare ingredients (primal might or nethers for example) while you bring cloth and other primals. This way you can charge a good price for the bulk of the materials and still seem like a good person by not asking for a tip.


Most useful engineering recipes require the user to have engineering skill. Because of this you'll find it's hard to sell anything that's BoE.

Scopes, Mana and health potion injectors are the main things I've been able to craft for others. But the gains are small. Other than for friends or inside the guild, there just isn't a great lot of market an engineer can use. One should probably blame Blizzard in part, if the potion injectors had been useable by everyone from the start there might have been more people wanting to use them still. Even the arrow makers are cool, but at this point in time they simply refuse to sell because blizzard also added bullets and arrows from factions at the same time. Jewelcrafters really did get most of the love in TBC.


As an Enchanter, your main income is by selling enchants, much to the annoyance of the people in the general trade channel. But screw them, you need cash as much as they do. Just because they can put their stuff on the AH while you can't doesn't mean you don't deserve a quick buck right? Also, Blizzard promised they'd allow enchanters to put some of the more basic enchants on the AH when WotLK is released. The Mongoose enchant scroll for example, and many more. See wow insider for more info on that.

Unlike popular belief, enchanting is pretty easy to raise, and not at all that expensive either. It is time consuming though. You should perform "free" enchants whenever able to get your skill maxed out as soon as possible. The real money is up at the top, and especially a stealth class like a druid or rogue will be able to get good money's worth out of this skill by disenchanting stealth run drops. Having an alt with Tailoring or Leatherworking will also be a great boon to obtaining the materials you need. Once your skill reaches about 340 you can make Superior Wizard Oil all the way to 360 and sell the results on the auction house or trade them with guildies for getting more materials as you work. After that, find some green bind on pickup recipes and perform those for "free" (no tip, their mats) in Shattrath. You'll be 375 in no time.

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