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Money making professions :Crafting

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Once you manage to get a hold of some enchants like dexterity on boots, sunfire, soulfrost, mongoose, executioner and spellsurge you should be able to get enchanting tips varying between 10-50g per craft. It's a slow process, but there will always be customers aplenty. Especially when a new PvP season starts. Be sure you always have some enchanting materials on the AH, as potential customers will run off to check the most recent prices as soon as you spam the trade channel. Just make sure you use an alt to post the items.

Void shattering is currently a reasonable gain, though this will vary per server. Voids going for 30-40g, while large prismatic shards will sell for 20-30g. Expect lots of competition. Also a thing to keep in mind is that the price of void crystals might skyrocket once the new BoP WotLK wands become available.

Any useless quest rewards can be disenchanted instead of selling it to the vendors. Especially late level quests will often give you blue items which can be made into shards. Gear upgrades won't go to a loss either, just shard your old gear instead of vendoring it.


You got several options as a tailor, but none that'll really make you money quick and dirty. More like clean and slow. You can take spellcloth, shadowcloth or mooncloth tailoring when you reach a high enough level. Mooncloth is a good way to get a lot of bags produced.

Mind, these prices are for my server, your will likely be somewhat different.

Shadowcloth : ~60g
Spellcloth : ~85g
Primal Mooncloth : ~60g

If there's a market on your server for a particular type of cloth, and speccing for that school benefits your class (mage, priest, lock, etc) by all means go for it. I've made my warlock alt a mooncloth vendor however, both because primal water and primal life are ridiculously cheap and easy to get, and to make a constant stream of mooncloth bags for my other characters to use. Individual bags sell for about ~450g on my server, so you'd generally be better off selling the individual cloth. That is, on my server at least.

Much like enchanting, if you can manage to get some rare recipes you'll be able to craft items for others with a decent tip. Belts from SSC/TK, bracers from BT/HY and gloves from Sunwell are good money makers with a decent level of demand. Items like spellstrike hood or pants will also work decently, but it's generally not hard for a player to find more than one tailor able to craft those.

On top of that you'll be able to make Runic Spellthread or Golden Spellthread depending whether you ally yourself with Scryers or Aldor. These two enchants are a good way to use your badges and turn them into something profitable.

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