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Money making professions :Gathering

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Gathering is not for everyone, but even the most epic and rich players out there will have done his or her share of work out in the fields. Gathering materials for a certain profession. Hasn't everyone had a character at one point who had skinning, herbalism or mining? Surely yes?

Preparation is key, as it is with everything. What do you intend to gather, how much, how long, where is the least competition, what's your gain per hour, what addons can help speed this up, isn't the auction house flooded with this stuff yet? You get the idea.

You don't "need" a +280% flying mount, but in order to be competitive it's highly recommended for all gathering professions. If you don't have that, and are stuck with a +100% land speed mount, stay away from netherstorm, blade's edge and nagrand. Those zones are not friendly to land based gatherers.

But, first things first. You're going to need a few addons to do this right. Well, "need" is a big word but these addons will improve your efficiency by at least 50%. If you don't have ace2 yet, look here.

Once you got that working, you'll need :

GatherMate (ace2) To track plant, mineral or gas nodes.

Routes (ace2) To create a fast and efficient path between your gathering spots.

GatherMate_Data (ace2) Not needed, not even recommended, but it could help you get started faster.

You could be one of the people using cartographer or gatherer, but personally I prefer the minimalist approach. These two addons are the main thing you need to get rich with gathering and will give you a definite edge over any competition who isn't using them.


Engineers need a Mote extractor as well as a pair of goggles or whichever is relevant for your class before they can start gathering. See this list to find out which one you need.

Once you have that, simply mount up and start running around the nagrand zone you like. That's right, this only works in outland for now. Possibly in WotLK as well, but we can't be sure of that yet.

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