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Money making professions :Gathering

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Motes of air : Nagrand.
You'll notice my path also hits the fishing pools for "pure water". Primal water isn't worth a "huge lot", but it's still worth taking along your fishing rod just in case. If you're not interested in those, you can simply skip over the path north of Garadar and continue your round. Also keep in mind that quite silly, there's a lot of gas clouds on top of those sky islands which tend to bug out and mess up your maximum profit per hour by a fair margin.
Motes of water : Zangar Marsh
Zangarmarsh is great, usually not as ridiculously populated as Nagrand, and Primal water is generally not all that much worth less than primal air. On average you'll find yourself able to get 4-5 more primal water in the same time that you can farm primal air.

Motes of shadow : Shadowmoon Valley
With the opening of Black Temple and Mt.Hyjal there's a lot of guilds in need of Primal shadow. Since these no longer drop from demons an engineer can really rake in some decent cash with this path.

Motes of mana : Netherstorm
My Netherstorm path sucks, I know. Netherstorm is a horrible place to farm primal mana at it seems, as I've never really managed to get a "lot" of them, so it's quickly discouraging to continue farming them this way.


Mining can be done in pretty much any zone, if you're after adamantite however, I recommend Nagrand, Shadowmoon valley or Netherstorm. You can't really farm eternium or khorium, so just farm rich adamantite as much as you can.

Fel iron ore can best be obtained in Hellfire peninsula. There tends to be average competition there though so you may want to consider flying circles around zangarmarsh if you're in dire need for some green.


You can run around and herb what you or your guildies need, or pick plants that sell good and sell those in stacks at the AH. Here's some commonly used potions and items requiring herbs below.
Super Mana potion : Dreaming Glory (2) + Felweed
Super Healing potion : Netherbloom (2) + Felweed
Mad Alchemist's Potion : Ragveil (2)
Elixir of Major Agility : Terocone + Felweed (2)
Elixir of Draenic Wisdom : Felweed + Terocone
Elixir of Mastery : Terocone (3) + Felweed
Elixir of Major Fortitude : Ragveil (2) + Felweed
Fel Strength Elixir : Terocone + Nightmare Vine (2)
Flask of Pure death : Fel Lotus + Mana Thistle (3) + Nightmare Vine (7)
Superior Wizard Oil : Nightmare Vine
Superior Mana Oil : Netherbloom
Elixir of Demonslaying : Gromsblood + Ghost Mushroom

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