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Mounts in wow

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How does one go about obtaining their albino netherdrake? One must earn the achievement, Leading the Cavalry, by collecting fifty different mounts. Fifty does seem like a lot of mounts, but take comfort in the fact that the number was originally a whopping 75! The key to getting a large variety of mounts is faction reputation. Start farming cloth, mostly runecloth to turn in for reputation with the four races that make up your faction, Horde or Alliance. The cloth donations begin with 60 wool, then 60 silk, 60 mageweave and lastly 60 runecloth.

Once the "60" quests are behind you, you can start turning in stacks of 20 runecloth as a repeatable quest. Each of the 60 cloth turn-ins garner 150 reputation points. Each stack of 20 runecloth receives 50 points in reputation. I'm already seeing runecloth featured in the Trade channel, from folks looking to buy wow gold and those looking to sell. You will find the Cloth Quartermasters in every major city. The easiest way to find the quartermaster is to ask a guard to direct you to the profession trainer for tailoring. You will find the cloth quartermaster is in the same location. The only exception is the Trolls and Gnomes, who do not have their own cities. The quartermaster for the Trolls can be found in Orgrimmar in the Valley of Spirits.

The most desirable mounts were those from rare drops or gained through difficult quest lines: the Winterspring Frostsaber (Alliance only) or the Deathcharger from Baron Rivendare for example. Realizing there was high interest in obtaining different or unusual mounts, Blizzard has added an escalating number of mounts to the game.

The quartermaster for the Gnomes is located in Tinkertown, within Ironforge, but please note, only gnomes and dwarves can ride the mechanostriders of this faction. Taurens should be aware that their large size bars them from riding the skeletal horses of the Undercity, the raptors of the Darkspear Trolls, or the hawkstriders of Silvermoon. It is pointless for them to raise faction with these groups, as they will be unable to obtain these mounts. Blizzard has indicated there will be no different standard for Taurens on this achievement, but WotLK is still in beta and subject to change.

Other factions who allow mount purchase at exalted are The Mag'har (H) and the Kiurenai (A) in Nagrand, the Netherwing of Shadowmoon Valley and the Sha'tari Skyguard at Terokkar and Blades Edge. Faction for these groups can be obtained through repeatable quests. Those with exalted Cenarion Expedition reputation can purchase a Cenarion War Hippogryph for 1600 gold. Differing groups have some advantages in the race to 50. Engineers can make mechanical rides. Tailors will be able to make a variety of flying carpets when Wrath of the Lich King is released. Paladins, Warlocks and Deathknights have their summoned mounts. Those who PvP are able to purchase or achieve special mounts through the PvP reward system.


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