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Netherwing Guide

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To start out, you MUST have 300 riding skill and a riding mount, as of right now flight form doesn't work from what I'm told (since you aren't mounted), you must also have done the quest to get your Netherwing rep to neutral.

First, you need to talk to Mordenai in Netherwing fields, he will send you to talk to the general of the Dragonmaw orcs at the Netherwing encampment. This encampment is located right on the first E of Netherwing Ledge.
There you will get several quests 2-4 daily quests based on how many gathering professions you have, and 1 repeatable quest. Daily quests are a new type of quest implemented with this patch, you can do each one once daily, but you can only do a max of 10 a day. This won't prevent you from doing the max possible quests for this chain each day, I'm guessing it's there to prevent you from grinding up for 2 mounts at once.

The quests you get are :

A Slow Death (Daily) 250 rep
Get 12 Fel Glands from the nether rays on netherwing ledge, use these along with the quest item you received to poison the orcs working all around the ledge.

Netherdust Pollen (Daily) 250 rep
This is the quest for herbalist, simple enough gather 40 pollens from the netherdust bushes found around the ledge. I don't know the names, but there is a similar quest for miners and skinners.

Netherwing crystal (Daily) 250 rep
Collect 40 Netherwing crystals, these drop off of the flayers on the ledge and any mobs in the mines south of the encampment. I personally had the best drop rates off of the fallen in the back of the mine, but different people reported better drop rates for different things.

Not so friendly skies (Daily)
Get 10 Netherwing relics from the Dragonmaw transporters flying between Netherwing ledge and the Dragonmaw Fortress. Land on one of the floating islands between the island and the mainland and use ranged attacks to pull the transporters to you. Pretty easy quest, though their aimed shot hits for a lot so if you see the bow come out for a long time try to stun them.

Great Netherwing egg hunt (Repeatable) 350 rep first turn in, 250 subsequent turn ins
This is the only completely repeatable quest there is, and it's to turn in a netherwing egg. These eggs can come from anywhere herbs, mining, mob drops, there are even eggs that spawn along the ridge that you can click on to loot. Sadly though, the drop rate on these is incredibly low, I probably only got 15 or so during the entire rep grind. I'm not sure how common the lootable ones will be once the servers are live, I think they take a while to spawn and the server wasn't usually up long enough for them to show up.

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