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Northrend Leveling Guide

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Return to Gerald Green at 58,63 to turn in Pernicious Evidence and get the three quests that will now open up for you. They are It's Time for Action, Take No Chances, and Reference Material.
You can find the grain that you need to burn and the scavengers you need to kill for It's Time for Action and Take No Chances all around the town of Farshire. The book Field, Factories and Workshops for Reference Material can be found at 56,58 in the burning building to the left of the mine entrance.
Turn in all three quests to the NPC's at Farshire and get the follow ups Fruits of our Labor, and Repurposed Technology. The harvesters can be found in the fields around town. You can find a group of them around 56, 62.
Next, return to the mine behind town, but this time go all the way to the back of the min to find Captain Jacobs near 58,53. Defeat him and loot the cart key that he drops. Take the key to the mine cart at 57,54 and use it to release the cart. This will complete the quests Fruits of our Labor.
Return once again to the NPCs around Gerald Green at 58,63 and turn in your quests. You will be given the quest One Last Delivery. This is a simple delivery quest that requires you to take a box to Hilda Stoneforge in Valiance Keep. You can find her near 57, 67. Turn in the quest and get the follow up Weapons for Farshire.
While in town, return to the inn and turn in the quest The Late William Allerton to Leryssa, who will give you the follow up Lost and Found. To finish this simply go downstairs and talk to James Deacon behind the bar who will give the the follow up In Wine, Truth.
Return to Gerald Green in Farshire to turn in Weapons for Farshire and get Call to Arms! To finish this you simply need to go into the large town hall nearby, go up the bell tower and pull to rope. The building doorway is at 57,60 and the stairs to the bell tower are found right inside the door. Once you ring the bell, you can return to Gerald for your reward.
We are now done in the immediate area around Valiance Keep and will start moving north. " [Gamevive]

When it comes to power leveling fast in World of Warcraft, these level 70-80 guides can be a tremendous help. Northrend has two starting zones, Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra, which give you several options when it comes to leveling. It nice to have options, but when trying to level fast, you need a clear, precise path to level 80.
In order to get there quickly, many are turning to a Northrend leveling guide to level fast in WoW. There are many leveling guides out there, but only a few that actually work. Some of them are just downright horrible.
So what makes a good Northrend leveling guide? For most of the beginners, the guides main focus should not be on grinding. You all know grinding is killing the same mobs over and over for hours on end to pile up the exp. Who needs a guide to tell them how to do that? Besides, it's not the fastest way to level in WoW.
There is a shortcut for you to level fast. Questing in Northrend is going to be the fastest way to level. A good leveling guide will tell you exactly which quests to do as well as when and where to go do them. There are two starting zones in Northrend, such as Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra, with plenty of quests between them. If you are not following a guide written by someone that knows what they are doing, chances are you're not leveling as fast as you could be. These guides cut out all the time wasting quests and focus only on the fastest path to level 80.
The format is another thing you should look for. Likewise, any good Northrend leveling guide is going to come with an in-game leveling guide, and not jusr a PDF document. This allows you to view the guide in the World of Warcraft game interface so you do not have to switch back and forth between the game and PDF file. These in-game guides also mark your maps with quest givers, quest objectives, quest turn-in locations and give you an arrow next to your character that points you in the right direction. This is a huge time saver as it allows you to fly through the quests without wasting time trying to find out where to go.
Through above-mentioned content, we all hope that this content is useful and beneficial for all of you want to level fast in Northrend.

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