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Obsidian Sanctum Raiding guide

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   Here we want to talk about our guide to raiding in the new expansion and we would like to start with Obsidian Sanctum instead of Naxx mainly because we think obsidian is a little bit easier. To some extent, our guild is slowly plugging away at naxx 25 man version but sartharion is a cake walk for any guild or even a pug group. We have seen people in trade LFG Obsidian Sanctum and they all have had success. Most groups can do it with Northrend instance reward blues and Heroic epics.
The Instance is located below the Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight, where the huge road runs under the temple.
2.5 million HP has a tail lash fire breath. Either you have your tank face him left or right of where he is standing so that the rest of the raid is looking at his side. Avoid getting caught behind him, as knock-back can cause some serious problems in this fight.
They are purple dragons and roughly 1 million HP. Each has his own debuff for the duration of the fight but it is barley noticeable. They need to be tanked by your best geared tank in the group. During combat they will summon a portal that works with phasing to send you into a different dimension to fight adds. For the 1st and 3rd dragon you encounter there will be only 1 elite add on the other side of the portal. The Off Tank, 1 healer, and all DPS need to go through the portal to deal with the add quickly. The remaining healers and Main Tank need to stay on the boss. Down the add quickly and you will phase back into the boss encounter. Rinse and Repeat.
Tenebron as the second boss, he does the same ability, but instead of 1 elite you will be phased to find a bunch of eggs. These eggs need to be killed very quickly before they hatch. While inside the eggs the whelplings have very low HP and can die quickly but once they hatch they have a lot more HP and will phase out with you to attack your group. This is a major test of your DPS, these adds will not go away until they are killed. If you don't get them all down while phased out you will need to gather them up and bring them on top of the boss to be AoE'd down. Be quick on the portals and DPS or you will be overwhelmed.
The third dragon is the same as the first kill the add then down the boss.
The main focus of this fight is his ability called Lava Wall. It spawns a wall of lava that will rush through the entire platform the boss is on. This lava wall will deal a large amount of damage to your raid if it hits anyone. There are ways to avoid it but it means paying attention to where the gaps in the wall are. They are very noticeable and large. The walls will come from either the right or left of where the boss is initially standing when you enter the instance. Mark on person in the raid who is vocal and assign that person to call out and lead the raid to safe zones to avoid the lava. These zones should be melee zone and range zone. If the gap is headed for the melee call out melee and everyone runs to melee range. If it is coming to a spot away from the boss call out ranged and move o the safe zone. Once you get down the lava wave the fight is very simple.
And also he spawns adds, these fire elementals hit for about 800 fire damage and can become a nousence quickly. It's better for you to use your OT pick them up quickly and DPS them down. You can try to tank them at the bosses belly so that melee and casters can AoE them down while keeping DPS on the boss.
For the main Tank, it is necessary for him to make the boss turn to the left or right and stand still. The lava wave is easier to heal through than having the tank move and risk a tail lash or fire breathe going through your raid group. Tail lash at the wrong time could get your whole raid hit by lava wall.

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