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Overview Priest

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With the exception of Warrior, Rogue and Priest, for the most part, Priest is a staple class of the classic MMORPG. However, for once the Priest class shows some inventive design in World of Warcraft as opposed to being pigeonholed into yet another strictly group player role much as other games have done.
In many ways, Priests represent what is the greatest healing class in the game combined with the potential to become one of the faster killing/leveling classes as well as providing damage utility to endgame raiding, as opposed to becoming yet another healbot amongst many others such as Paladin and Druid.
The discipline tree provides the required tools to toughen your Priest considerably, bringing them to a level of PvP healer viability to complement already strong defensive tools such as Power Word: Shield and even psychic scream, an AoE fear.
Rolling a Priest, however, isn't all kicks and giggles, there are some obvious disadvantages to being the number one healing class in the game, and being the honorary first target for anyone with half a brain in PvP is one of them.
If you've rolled shadow, of course, this is somewhat negated, a great amount of players still find themselves confused that a Priest is able to fear them and proceed to lay the smack down, additionally for those players who have encountered shadow priests before, they generally realize you can't heal and move onto the next target such as Druid or Paladin.
One thing you should remember is that even if you are a shadow Priest, death incarnate, stealer of life, and so on. You still have holy spells. Yes, that's right, even though shadow form prevents you from casting healing spells, you can always switch out to save a team member and quite possibly save the fight as opposed to continuing to mindlessly DPS like many others.
The most powerful Priest, whether they are discipline, holy, or shadow, will be the one who gets to know when and where to heal, damage, and shield others. Only by truly utilizing all your abilities will you find yourself bringing the class to its maximum potential, anything else is a waste of perfectly good spells.
Taking this lesson with you into raiding, arena, battlegrounds, and even solo grinding will find your survivability if not DPS dramatically improved, always be prepared to utilize all three tree's of spells, as each define on third of what makes the Priest powerful, not one at a time, but all three in unison.
As far as races go, fear ward was once a large choice, although this has been changed so that all priests are granted the ability at 20 via trainer, instead all things considered it's a mostly even contest except that I would slightly favor undead for Devouring Plague.
For any type of Priest, PvE or PvP in the race, tradeskills and tailoring come out as a definite number one. As a matter of fact, many of the set items, you are able to craft at 70 outdo Karazhan and further tier gear in terms of healing or damage, making them practically required for any Priest truly looking to maximize their abilities prior to raiding.
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