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Paid Character Transfer Guide

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What about the paid character transfer? This is an issue of concern in the public. The paid character transfer feature allows you to move characters to other realms and even from one account where you are the subscriber to another account where you are the subscriber, subject to certain restrictions. When you initiate a transfer your character will be put into a queue to be processed. During this time the character will be available for play, however, being logged in to a character selected to move may prolong the transfer process or prevent the transfer from occurring. A character will not be able to be moved until it is logged out.
To initiate a transfer between two accounts where you are the subscriber, you will need to specify the account name associated with the account you wish to transfer a character to, and answer the 'secret question' for the destination account. Without this information an account to account transfer will not be possible. 

The paid character transfer service allows you to move characters from one realm to another, or in special cases, from one account to another, provided you meet certain special restrictions.

To transfer your character, you must first check if the realm you want to go into is available or not. Generally, you may transfer to low, recommended, or medium populated realms, but high realms may not be available due to the high population they have.

It is also important to remember that you cannot transfer from a PvE server to a PvP server, but you can definitely transfer from a PvP server to a PvE server, knowing you will never be able to transfer back to PvP once you do.

However, a character on a realm that is not listed as an eligible source can still be transferred from one account to another, as long as the character remains on the same realm (see elsewhere in this FAQ for information and restrictions on account-to-account transfers).
Your character(s) can be locked at any point during the processing of the transfer. If you log into the game before the transfer is complete and create any auctions, this will cause the transfer to fail and you will have (wow gold)  to  to rest Enchanting 1 to 300 Guide Enchanting 1 to 300 Guide art it.
If you are logged into a character before the transfer is complete, this may delay it from processing so we encourage you to stay logged out until it is done. You may transfer characters from PvP to PvE realms, but transfers from PvE to PvP realms are not allowed.
The realm is full or densely populated at this time. It has been fewer than 180 days since the realm was launched. You are attempting to transfer from a PvE (normal) realm to a PvP realm. Characters currently located on PvE realms are only eligible to move to other PvE realms. There might be an upcoming free character migration to or from this realm. The aforementioned restrictions may also apply to the eligibility of source realms. Keep in mind that we are constantly evaluating these populations and availability may change without notice. An updated list of currently eligible realms can be found here.
Please note that Blizzard reserves the right to disable paid character transfers to or from any realm at its own discretion. Some other realms seem to meet the criteria, but mine does not. Why. Blizzard monitors numerous factors contributing to individual realm availability. While two realms may appear to be the same from a playability perspective, there may be some technical reasons why we are unable to implement transfers to certain realms at certain times. Blizzard's goal is always to allow you the widest selection of destinations and to ultimately get you where you want to be. Part of this process means we must ensure the stability of all realms along the way. Does this mean I can now transfer my characters to any realm I want.
While this new feature allows a much greater degree of freedom than past realm-to-realm migrations, there are still some restrictions for paid character transfers, which include the following: Account Restrictions: Transfers between accounts can be done only if you are the subscriber on both accounts. Trial accounts are not eligible to send or receive characters. To remove this restriction please upgrade to a paid account. Characters may not be transferred to or from a locked, suspended, or banned. 

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Characters on a realm that is not on the Eligible Source list cannot be moved to another realm. However, a character on a realm that is not listed as an eligible source can still be transferred from one account to another, as long as the character remains on the same realm.



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