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Paladin Class Guide - Playing a Paladin

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Playing a Paladin is in many ways a balancing act. Sure you can heal, tank or DPS, but you can't do any of them especially well unless you specialize in one of them through gear and talents. By doing so you give up much of your flexibility by becoming weaker in the other two areas. Part of playing a Paladin is finding the balance point that suits your play style. Do you want to specialize in one thing or stay a jack of all trades?

Choosing a Play style, but be prepared to play an alternate one when needed

As mentioned above, playing a Paladin involves a lot of choices. As soon as you get past level 10 you will have to start making those choices as you collect talent points. From that point on you should start focusing on your style and collecting gear that will enhance it. Between talents and gear you can be formidable at whatever you choose to do. Be prepared though for those times when you want to play in a group and they need something other than your primary role.

For those times you need to do something else, make sure you have a collection of gear either in your bank or bags that allow you to fulfil other roles. If you are mainly a DPS based Paladin for example, make sure you have a set of healing gear for those times when you might need it. Doing this will allow you to join far more groups that you could normally find if you just had gear for one thing. Even though you are not specialized in what that group is looking for, with the right gear you can be competent.

To help choose a play style we have created guides for each of the main choices available. You can find the here:

Tankadin - Control PvE combat, be the tank in the group
Retadin - Retribution based Paladins that focus on dealing damage
Healadin - Be the Savior in the group, heal everyone and keep the group alive
In addition to each of the specialty play-style tricks there are several basic pieces of information and skills that you need to play a Paladin well.

Staying Alive

There are few other classes that can take as much of a beating as a Paladin and none that can do it as well on their own. Sure a warrior or Druid in bear form can have as much or more armour and health, but neither can heal themselves (unless the druid drops to normal form and takes a beating). As soon as you hit level 40 you are the only class other than warriors that can wear plate armour.

Between good armour, a shield, stuns, heals and your bubbles you can survive or escape almost anything within several levels of you.

When you get in a tight situation focus on mana and health as a priority and don't worry about doing a ton of damage. Wear the opponent down over time. this should include having a seal of light or wisdom judged on them and the opposite up on you. Use one of your bubbles or stuns whenever you can and bandage yourself during that time to conserve mana. Drink mana potions instead of healing potions as you can heal yourself with mana.

Run as a last resort. However if you use the above method you can generally survive an enemy several levels higher than you quite easily. The fight will not be quick (sometimes 5-10 minutes) but you will survive.

Blessings and Auras

Blessings are 10 minute buffs that you place on players (30 minute buffs for the later level raid versions) that grant solid bonuses. You are able to put one blessing on each player in your group or raid. If using the high level raid buffs it is one buff per class.

Using the proper blessing is critical and sometimes complicated. As a basic tactic you should apply them as follows:

Blessing of Might - Hunters, Rogues, DPS Warriors, Enhancement Shaman, Feral Druids, Retribution Paladins, Death Knights
Blessing of Wisdom - Priests, Shaman, Mages, Restoration Druids, Holy Paladins, and Warlocks (if you do not have Blessing of Kings)
Blessing of Kings - Tanks of all Classes, Warlocks, and any other class that already has one of the above or that will be taking damage
Blessing of Sanctuary - Protection Paladins that are over geared for content and are having mana issues

Blessing of Kings is sometimes preferred over Blessing of Might or Blessing of Wisdom. If you have Blessing of Kings (which is a talent) then you should ask what each person in the party prefers.

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