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Paladin Class Guide - Playing a Paladin

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Auras are like blessings but apply to the whole group. You can have one aura up at any given time and it will effect everyone in your group within 30 yards of you (40 yards with talents). Auras should be used based on the enemy you are fighting and who is in your group. For instance, if you are fighting melee damage MOBs then Devotion Aura would be the best aura possible at the time. If you are fighting caster MOBs who are using Frost based spells, then the Frost Resistance Aura would be the best possible aura to use (this aura comes at later levels, this is just an example). Retribution Aura is good against lower level enemies (and swarm MOBs) where you need the damage over the defence (or while you are tanking and need the holy damage to help hold the enemies attention). Concentration Aura is great in a group with more then one caster (although Devotion Aura will provide a great benefit in keeping them alive) or when multiple enemies are hitting you and you need to heal.

Multiple Paladins complicate things by making you coordinate who is casting what as each paladin can have a different Aura and Blessing affecting the players. Make sure you spend the time beforehand to ensure there is no overlap and you maximize your bonuses.

Divine Intervention

This is an often overlooked ability since no one "wants" to die. It is however a very powerful ability and one that should not be forgotten about. This ability allows you to select one member of the group and remove them from combat and place them in a bubble. It does so at the cost of your life though!

This is an amazing little ability though as by removing another player that can rez people, you can prevent a group wipe. Just make sure you target the correct player and that they will be out or aggro range from the MOBs or Boss when they release from DI. Also make sure you always carry the reagent to cast this ability. While you don't want to die, you will be praised by your party members and resurrected right away. You prevent the whole group form having to run back from the graveyard.

Knowing When to Switch

This is another very often overlooked skill that truly separates the good players from the herd. Many normal players get focused just on what they are doing and lose track of what else is going on. As a multi purpose class you can not afford to do that, if you want to be great as a group PvE player. There are times you need to be able to switch from what you are doing to do something else. For example, even though you may be in a group as DPS, realizing a healer went down, and dropping out of the attack to heal (even though they will be small) could make all the difference. Being a tank and knowing when to bubble another player (especially a healer) can make all the difference as well. Recognizing the times that you should switch roles and acting them takes practice and can make all the difference in a group.

For longer changes it may mean carrying gear for different purposes and being skilled at using it. For instance many Paladin tanks carry full healing sets for raids, so that when they are at a fight that requires less tanks than they have in the group they can switch gear and help heal.

U.I. Set-Up

Mostly you'll want to organize your bars into different sets. You'll want a bar for your combat abilities or tanking abilities, one for healing and one for buffs. and then a bar for various skills like your non-combat trinkets and abilities. One each bar you should ensure that you have the most used skills bound to your 1-5 slots so that while you are controlling with the WASD keys you can access them quickly with the same fingers.

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