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Paladin Spells List in WoW:Holy

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Did you still choose Paladin as your guy? I love Paladin very much, when I first came to World of Warcraft, I remembered that it was introduced by my brother-in law, when he first asked me which class do you wanna hold? I saw Paladin, and told him Paladin it is. And after playing Paladin, I am sure this is my right choose, Paladin brings me a wonderful time, I need thank to Paladin.

Paladin spells are broken up into three different schools of magic. Holy spells are generally beneficial to the Paladin or party, Retribution generally cause damage, and Protection tries to prevent damage or to cause threat. All three schools of spells are broken down below.


Blessing of Wisdom / Greater Blessing of Wisdom: Places a blessing on the target (for Blessing) or all players of that class in the party or raid (for Greater Blessing) that restores an amount of mana every 5 seconds. A player may only be under the effect of 1 blessing per Paladin. Blessings last 10 minutes, Greater Blessings last 60 minutes but require a reagent.

Cleanse: This is a Paladin's method of removing poison, disease and magic effects off of themselves or friendly targets. It is extremely useful and should be on every Paladins toolbar.

Concentration Aura: Allows all party or raid members within 35 yards to lose 35% less casting of channeling time when damaged. This is a great aura to use if there is a lot of AOE, splash or random damage and you are in a group with casters.

Consecration: This spell causes the land underneath and around the Paladin to cause holy damage to all enemies for 8 seconds. It is a critical AoE tanking ability for Paladins, and can cause significant amounts of damage when you collect a large group of enemies in it. It is fairly expensive mana wise though and you need to be cautious or you will burn through all your mana when using it.

Divine Plea: Grants you 25% of your mana over 15 seconds on a fairly short 2 minute cooldown. While regaining mana though your healing power is slightly reduced. Used properly and with some spell casting moderation, this allows a Paladin Healer to heal for a great length of time.

Exorcism: This instant blasts any demon or undead with holy damage. It is also great for pulling these types of creatures when tanking as you can single pull them from distance.

Flash of Light: This is a Paladins main heal, it is fast with a 1.5 second cast time and extremely mana efficient at only 7% of your base mana. At level 80 it heals up to 879 health base. This is the heal of choice for most Paladins, as many times you can not afford the 2.5 second cast time of Holy Light.

Holy Light: Heals a friendly target for a significant amount, up to 5444 base at level 80. This is your longer casting time spell that makes up a significant portion of your Tank healing, but a smaller portion of your normal healing. Because of its long 2.5 second cast time many players prefer to only use it when they really need it, otherwise they stick with flash heal.

Holy Shock: This is a dual purpose spell for Paladins, it either heals the target if they are friendly, or causes damage if they are not. It is an instant cast spell that is fairly mana intensive but can do up to 2599 damage base or heal up to 1400 base at level 80. Many Paladins find it extremely useful as both a last minute save for healing or as a finisher in combat.

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