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Paladin Spells List in WoW:Holy

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Holy Wrath: Unleashes a volley of holy bolts all around the Paladin causing damage to all undead or demonic targets within 10 yards. It also stuns them for 3 seconds. This is very useful when fighting these types of targets as it allows you to cause additional damage and stun the enemy all at once.

Lay on Hands: This is a massive heal that heals up to an amount equal to the Paladin's maximum health. It also restores a small amount of mana, and is an instant cast. This is one of the "last resort" type abilities that a Paladin has. It allows them to save themselves or another play from death if cast at the last second. The only downside to this spell is it's extremely long cooldown, of 20 minutes, so use it carefully.

Light's Beacon: Allows you to select the a friendly target to become a Beacon of Light, all healing done to players within 40 yards will also heal the beacon of light. This is a great ability as it allows healers to heal multiple targets while still keeping the beacon of light target alive. This is often used in groups on the tank to allow the paladin healer to never stop healing the tank, yet still keep up other party members.

Purify: This is a lower level version of cleans and once cleanse is learned will almost never be used. It removes a disease and a poison effect from the target player.

Sacred Shield: Each time the target takes damage, they gain a Sacred Shield that absorbs some damage. It also increases the Paladin's chance to critically hit the target with Flash of Light by 50% for a short time. The Shield lasts 30 seconds. This is a great damage reduction spell for Paladin healers.

Seal of Righteousness: This seal allows each melee attack to cause additional Holy damage to the target. This is one of the Paladins basic attack spells as it allows them to cause additional damage with every hit. It also allows them judge the seal on a target to cause additional holy damage.

Seal of Light: This seal allows each melee attack a chance to heal the paladin for a small amount. When it is judged onto an enemy it causes holy damage. This is a great seal to use when you are soloing and need a little health back during a fight.

Seal of Wisdom: This seal allows each melee attack a chance to restore some mana to the paladin. When it is judged onto an enemy it causes holy damage. This is a great seal to use when you find yourself falling low in mana during a fight.

Redemption: This spell brings a dead ally back to life with a little mana and health. It can only be used while out of combat. This spell helps recover your group if something goes wrong and a party member dies.

Turn Evil: This forces an undead or demonic target to flee from the Paladin for a short time. Can be very useful in certain situations, however as with any fear you must be careful with its use or you will end up in even more trouble.

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