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Paladin Spells List in WoW:Protection

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Hammer of the Righteous: This is a melee attack that his your current target and 2 additional nearby targets for a large amount of holy damage, based on the damage of your weapon. This ability is one of the main ways that a Paladin builds and keeps threat on their targets. Combined with Consecration, this is what makes a Paladin the best AoE tank in the game.

Holy Shield: When cast this spell raises your chance to block by 30% and grants you charges that inflict damage back onto the attacker whenever you block an attack. This allows a Paladin to continue to gain threat on multiple targets even when not directly attacking them. It also provides a big boost in damage mitigation since you will be blocking many more incoming attacks.

Resistance Auras: A Paladin has several different resistance auras that can be used. They grant resistance to different forms of damage to the paladin and all party or raid members that are within 30 yards. A Paladin has Shadow, Fire, and Frost resistance auras that they can use.

Righteous Defence: This is an AoE taunt that forces up to 3 enemies that are attacking your friendly target to switch to attacking you. This allows Paladin tanks to grab enemies back to them that some other player pulled. It is also used when trading threat on many boss fights.

Righteous Fury: This is a tanking Paladins extra threat ability and should be up at all times when attempting to tank. It causes all holy spells to generate an additional 90% threat. This is a huge amount, and you should be careful to not have it up at any point, other than when tanking.

Spiritual Attunement: This is a passive ability that grants mana back to the paladin based on the amount they are healed. It grants up to 10% of healing back as mana, not counting over healing. This is the ability that allows Paladins to have full mana bars while tanking, even when they continually cast spells.

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