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Paladin Spells List in WoW:Retribution

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Avenging Wrath: This ability increases all damage and healing that you do by 20% for the next 20 seconds. This is used as a threat increase by protection paladins, a damage increase by retribution paladins and a healing increase by holy paladins. This ability should be used often to make the most out of it, yet many players rarely use it.

Blessing of Might / Greater Blessing of Might: Places a blessing on the target (for Blessing) or all players of that class in the party or raid (for Greater Blessing) that grants additional attack power. A player may only be under the effect of 1 blessing per Paladin. Blessings last 10 minutes, Greater Blessings last 60 minutes but require a reagent.

Crusader Aura: This aura speeds up all mounted party members within 30 yards by 20%. It does not stack with other movement increasing effects though. This should be used at all times when traveling by mount so that you can get there faster.

Crusader Strike: This is an instant strike that causes holy damage to the target. It is one of the key attacks that a Retribution Paladin uses in his rotation. It does a great deal of damage, and since it is holy enemies do not have a resistance to it.

Divine Storm: This instant attack causes holy damage to up to 4 enemies within 8 yards. It also heals up to 3 party or raid members for up to 20% of the damage caused. This is another of the Retribution Paladins standard attacks and is used to both cause damage and provide some light healing to themselves and their group.

Hammer of Wrath: Hurls a hammer at the target causing holy damage. This is only usable while the target is at or below 20% health. This is a spell that does a lot of damage when you need it, when the target is at low health. It is used to finish off enemies in PvE and PvP.

Judgement of Justice: This Judgement unleashes the power of a seal on the target and prevents the target from fleeing and limiting their movement speed for 20 seconds. This judgement is often used in PvP to prevent a player from using speed boosting abilities to get away. It is also used in PvE combat when an enemy fleeing could cause issues.

Judgement of Light: This Judgment unleashes the power of a seal on the target and judges them for 20 seconds. During that time melee attacks made against the target have a chance to heal the attacker for a small amount.

Judgement of Wisdom: This Judgment unleashes the power of a seal on the target and judges them for 20 seconds. During that time attacks and spells used against the target have a chance to restore a small amount of mana to the attacker.

Repentance: This spell puts the target into a state of meditation for up to 60 seconds. Any damage caused against the target will awaken them. Can be used against Demons, Dragonkin, Giants, Humanoids and Undead. This is the retribution Paladins crowd control, and while fairly reliable and long, it can only be cast every minute.

Retribution Aura: This aura causes holy damage back to any enemy that strikes a player in your group. This allows paladins to cause some damage back to attackers and works very well when AOE grinding. Retribution spec Paladins can gain several buffs to this ability and therefore use it heavily.

Seal of Blood: This seal causes bonus holy damage to the target but inflicts 10% of that damage back onto the paladin. When judged on a target it causes even more holy damage but deals 33% of that back onto the Paladin. This is a very high damage seal, however since it also causes you damage it can be tricky to use, so be careful with it.

Seal of Vengeance: This is one of the more complicated seals as it does not do damage when it hits, instead it applies a debuff to the target that causes holy damage over the next 15 seconds. The debuff can be stacked up to 5 times on a target. When the seal is unleashed using a judgement, it causes holy damage that is increased for every stack of the seal on the target. This seal is the tanking Paladins seal of choice as it causes the most holy damage and therefore the most threat.

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