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Priest Abilities

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In the World of Warcraft, like other classes, Priest possess three unique trees holding numerous spells designed to support and aid in all pursuits, whether they be damage, healing, or simply survival. However unlike many, holy and shadow represent almost polar opposites, many a time we've leveled a shadow Priest without even touching the holy tree for multiple levels at a time.
In essence, you almost redefine exactly what your class is made to do by choosing one tree over another, as opposed to others who simply improve one function over another. Ultimately this requires you to choose wisely as to which tree you'll invest your points in.
First of all, Shadow is the pillar of priest strength and what is practically our only source of efficient damage when questing/leveling. It holds all but one of the Nukes, all our DoT's, and with some talent points it provides the only available silence.
Mind Blast is the large damage spell you gain from Shadow, a short cast time and medium cool-down attack spell that drastically improves priest damage over time when worked into a spell rotation. Additionally this tree provides shadow word pain, a highly mana efficient damage over time spell that should be used every pull unless you're healing.
At length, shadow provides the tools to become a viable end-game raiding DPSer and mana battery, by use of vampiric touch and vampiric embrace a priest can drain both life and mana, returning it to his team members, all while increasing the damage dealt to his or her target via Misery and other such talents.
Secondly, it is Discipline. With shadow being a priests damage capabilities, discipline is our survivability, it encompasses all our defensive and buffing abilities such as Power Word: Fortitude and Power Word: Shield, both immensely useful for all styles of play including solo leveling, PvP, and raiding.
And also Discipline furnishes our only means of improving armor and defense against melee attacks aside from a straight up damage shield, this being inner fire, a charged armor buff providing protection for a period of time.
By going deeper into the discipline tree you gain increasing survivability and mana efficiency, making it an ideal complimenting tree for either shadow or holy, and when chosen as your primary investment it can be ideal for PvP situations.
The last but not least, it is Holy. In part it is the core of what defines a priest, being a tree dedicated entirely to healing. This was originally the priest's one and only reason for being viable in teams and raiding in general, and although shadow has now become an equal as far as utility is concerned, holy priests still represent a large factor in group success.
Over time, our holy spells we gain renew, our only heal, as well as heal, greater heal, a massive raid saver for the tank when used at the right moment, and multiple AoE healing abilities that drastically improve your odds of completing several boss fights.
Finally the holy tree grants us the ability to improve death, allowing a priest to remain in spirit of redemption form for 15 seconds after death and giving them the ability to cast heals without mana cost. This often will allow them to save groups from a wipe and demonstrate amazing effectiveness even after death.
As above, that is all about Priest abilities. We hope that you can get the hang of them without difficulties. By the same token, if you have something unclear in mind, our wow gold site is ready.

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