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Protection Warrior PvP: Mage

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Not these guys. I'll be perfectly honest- your odds as a blue-geared Protection warrior against a dual-trinket mage are basically zero. But since this guide assumes more or less equivalent gear, I will likewise assume your opponent has no trinkets, which gives you a chance.

-If you get the jump on a mage, be ready to pop shield bash at the first whiff of a spell. The vast majority will either poly you, or frost nova and poly you. In the former case, you'll have several seconds to beat on the mage; in the latter, he'll get the frost nova off, but your silence effect will run off about half the nova timer before he can try to poly you again. This gives you a chance to either pop your PvP trinket to break the nova or get lucky with a resisted poly, at which point you can try to land a couple of shots before he's able to sheep you. He'll get you eventually, but any damage before that is like a freebie.

-Once the battle has really begun (also including if the mage jumps you), there's one major rule to remember: Do not intercept until AFTER the mage blinks. If you do, he'll be able to kite you to death very easily. If you're lucky, you'll fight an inexperienced mage who will blow their blink to escape the charge stun, which makes your life much easier, but most will nova you to the ground and run away. Yes, you're going to get nuked while running over the slow way, but if you waste your intercept and the mage blinks out of it, you're dead anyway.

Note, however, that CB lays a pretty nasty stun on a mage as well. Oftentimes you can provoke a mage's blink by using CB, which sets you up perfectly to intercept them. Since Frost Nova's cooldown is over twenty seconds, even with talents, if you can do this soon after the mage uses his nova, you can hamstring and hammer away for a nice, long time before he's able to escape again. If you've taken little or no damage, try to time shield bashes with the inevitable poly attempts. It's difficult because of the short cast time, but well worth the effort if you can pull it off consistently.

-Frost Nova lasts eight seconds. Intimidating Shout lasts eight seconds. I think you can see where I'm going with this.

-Shield Slam is your best friend. You'll hit a blue-geared mage for around 500 and crit for 1k. A couple of those will rattle them, because a lot of mages will see a warrior with a shield and think they can get an easy perfect. And the buff removal can kill their shield that chills you, their AI, and best of all, arcane power/trinket buffs.

-If it's a frost mage who ice blocks, and you've taken a decent amount of damage, bandage immediately. You won't often get a free chance to do so, and very often ice block is used so the mage can stall for cooldowns to reset, so the mage wants to sit there for the full duration. Make sure you're not trying to bandage through a fireball DOT, though.

-Keep a rabbit's foot handy. Sad to say, but for all the strategy in the world, you're just not likely to win this fight unless you get a timely resist or two, or the mage makes a mistake. The upshot is that a lot of mages do make mistakes, so it behooves you to do your best and stay in position to take advantage if that happens.

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