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Protection Warrior PvP: Paladin

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Being Horde, I don't know as much about paladins as I'd like. These tips will be mostly basic, but in my experience, battles with paladins are very straightforward anyway.

-Consider a paladin to be a lower-damage warrior with healing and some holy damage. Logically, the best way to beat a paladin is to take away as much of their healing as possible. Luckily, there's very little a paladin can do for us to interrupt besides heal, so that makes it easy- save your shield bashes, CB, Int. Shout, and any other interrupts (grenades!) for their heals. The more you frustrate their healing, the sooner they'll have to bubble in order to actually get a spell off; and if they don't bother trying to heal until they bubble, that's more rage you can put towards DPS.

-Bandage when a paladin bubbles, but step back a bit first. Consecration will put a quick end to your bandage attempt. A paladin can also attack while bubbled, but only at half speed; if you make them run to you, you'll gain valuable seconds of bandage time. And because they have to wait a minute before bubbling again, you'll be able to bandage each time.

-You'll want to stick with Battle Stance against most paladins for easy Hamstrings and Overpowers, but some make it a point to maximize melee damage. Against them, it's often more effective to go Defensive and spam shield block.

-If you find a pally with a shield, use Rend and Sunder and prepare for a lengthy battle. I mean.. lengthy.  Even if you're like me and prefer to keep pressure on through immediate damage, these targets are probably the best candidates for sundering out of anyone. Pallies without shields.. get a feel for what kind of DPS you can do to them with sunders up and without, then do what's right for you. Personally, I find it more effective to just beat the hell out of a two-handed weapon swinging paladin, but my DPS is pretty good.

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