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Protection Warrior PvP: Priest

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This may be an even less winnable fight than facing a mage, especially if the priest heavily stacks shadow damage, but there are steps you can take to give yourself a chance.

-Start the fight in Berserker Stance with a two-hander and use 'zerk rage to kill the priest fear. (Undead don't necessarily need to do this, but saving WotF may be handy.) Once the fear goes off, switch to Battle with 1h/shield and get used to counting to twenty. At twenty, swap back to 'Zerk and get ready for another fear. The base cooldown on priest fear is thirty seconds, same as our fear break, but keep in mind some shadowpriests will have the talent which reduces the CD on their fear. As the battle progresses, you may find yourself afflicted by fear for a longer and longer time before being able to break it; that's just the way it goes.

-Mind Flay is the enemy. If you're close to the priest when he casts this, get in and interrupt it ASAP. If he's at some distance, intercept to stop it. The damage and slow effect, combined with a heavy-duty SW:P, can kill you very quickly.

-Save rage for interrupts and Shield Slam. A few Slams will likely remove both the priest's fort and Inner Fire buffs, which you'll need to do to have any realistic hope of winning. Interrupts will be best used on Mind Blasts, since most shadow priests will be in Shadowform. If you get them somewhat low on health, though, and they're in normal form, be ready to stop a heal.


Holy and Discipline:

A holy/disc priest will try to plain outlast you.

-Start off just like against a shadowpriest, breaking fear with Berserker Rage and counting time until the next fear. Undead can get away with a WotF opening, since a priest of this spec won't have a shortened fear cooldown.

-A healing priest has a basic routine they go through: Shield, SW:P you, Renew when they start to take damage, Flash Heal when necessary. If they catch you with a fear, they may get off a Greater Heal, at which point you have a definite problem. Don't let that happen. Renews are key against Protection warriors; we have no real way to stop them, and if they tick for enough relative to the damage we do, the priest will be very hard to kill. That leaves you with two options.

--Concentrate on interrupting all non-renew heals. You won't be able to get every one, but you can stop a lot of them, even with the low cast time of Flash Heal (1.5 seconds). An additional effect it has on many priests is to get them to cast damage spells on you, mainly Mind Blast. Obviously that hurts, and you don't want to get hurt, but a holy priest's strength is in his healing, so taking mana away from that is never a bad idea.

--Concentrate on interrupting all damage spells. My experience with this strategy has shown it to be somewhat less successful, but not so much that it isn't to be considered as an option. The catch with this is that, while you're busy taking minimal damage, you're letting the priest get all the heals they want while you continue to eat SW:P ticks. If you want to try this, keep the priest's health bar in mind and switch your concentration to stopping heals once they're below about half.

-Use CB as an extra spell interrupt, preferably early so it recycles for another use by the end of the fight. Int. Shout will probably also need to be used in this way, but if you pay attention to the SW:P timer, you may be able to use this skill when the debuff is off or about to run out in order to get a bandage off.

-Use Shield Slam as often as possible. Not only will it take large chunks of the priest shield off, it has the ability to kill the shield entirely through its purge aspect. That's on top of removing fort and Inner Fire, which is more important to a holy priest than a shadow one.

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