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Protection Warrior PvP: Shaman

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By far the most difficult shaman spec for a Protection warrior to deal with, especially if the shaman is really geared for damage. Fortunately, most aren't.

-You're not going to avoid shock damage. There's no way around that. And most shaman will stick with shocks when face to face with a shield-bearing warrior. Still, if you have a chance to interrupt a Lightning or Chain Lightning spell, do it.

-One form of damage many people don't know how to deal with are totems. Most totems you can ignore, and many people say to ignore them all, but it's important for a Protection warrior to knock out any high-level fire totems the shaman may drop. It's equally important to make sure the shaman didn't drop a rank 1 totem to distract you.

-Concentrate on damage, Hamstring, and interrupting his healing spells. There's really not much else you can do. An elemental shaman with a shield will be very hard to kill, but if he likes to mix it up with a two-hander, you stand a pretty good chance.


Much like a paladin, this shaman is essentially a lower-damage warrior with healing. The difference is that his offense is higher than a paladin's (Windfury hurts) with lower defense (mail instead of plate). That makes fights quicker, but you can basically use the versus-paladin strategy: Battle Stance, Hamstring, interrupt heals, beat the hell out of him. The only addition is to continue killing fire totems. I can only duel shaman, but much like pallies, there aren't many you'd want to go Defensive against. If you get hammered by Windfury, so be it, but you can't turtle up against the possibility.


Resto shaman are, like Protection warriors, PvE-based. That means this is going to be a relatively long fight.

-Expect the vast majority of damage you take to come from shocks. Again, nothing you can do about that but kill him first.

-Watch for Mana Tide totems in addition to fire damage ones. If you let Mana Tide and mana spring sit there, the shaman will heal himself forever and whittle you down with shocks.

-The low speed of Lesser Healing Wave can make it difficult to interrupt; the shaman won't have to cast this as often as a priest thanks to his heavier armor (most restos will have a shield), so it's easier to be taken by surprise, especially if he uses it at relatively high health. This is something you'll have to deal with against almost any shaman, but resto especially since they will have to heal a lot more to win, and those heals will have a 10% boost from their tier 6 talent. In many cases, you're well served by anticipating when the shaman may try to heal, then timing your shield bash accordingly. This works nicely when the shaman is at low health, because if you're wrong, he's still hit by a three-second silence, after which you know a desperation heal is coming. CB that one and he's in a lot of trouble.

-Nature's Swiftness is another talent most shaman have. Like druids, they make sure to take it as their get-out-of-jail free card. But if you land a couple of crits to knock a shaman down dangerously low, you can follow up with a silence and stun to give yourself time to finish the job. Also remember that Nature's Swiftness is a buff; if you're very fast or lucky and have the rage for it, stunning or silencing after NS is cast but before the heal comes gives you a chance to purge it with Shield Slam.

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