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Protection Warrior PvP: Warlock

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With mages and shadowpriests, warlocks are part of the triumvirate of "OMGWTFBBQ" classes a Protection warrior might face. You'll find two kinds of warlocks in the blue gear range: Ones with high shadow damage gear, and ones with a ton of health.

-Get the jump. This is nigh inarguable. If a warlock you don't see suddenly drops a bunch of DOTs on you, run, heal up, then go back and try to find him. If you try to fight, all he has to do is Death Coil after you hit him a few times and you're starting at half life or less compared to his full.

-If you do get a charge off, watch for the pet he has out. Anything but a succubus is not important enough to deal with (with the possible exception of an imp, but even then it's only really useful if the warlock has a lot of health, fairly low damage, the imp is nearby, and you have a lot of rage to take it out quickly with). If it is a succubus, the warlock is unlikely to cast any DOTs, since those would almost instantly break the charm. After you get charmed and nuked a couple of times, rush the warlock and pop Int. Shout when both he and the succubus are in range. The idea is to do it before he wants to cast DOTs on you, which will give you a chance to bandage. (You may need to Int. Shout an undead warlock to fear the succubus, then CB him so you can bandage during the stun.)

-Be ready to switch to Berserker before fear spells go off. Because all shadow spells look the same during casting, SpellAlert can be more useful against a warlock than any other class. Also remember that Death Coil's fear can't be broken, so you'll have to suffer through it if it hits.

-Speaking of SpellAlert, it will tell you if the warlock pops a trinket. As with mages, Shield Slam can purge it off, so try to pop it ASAP (a task which will likely be made easier by the boosted damage you'll be taking).

-Try to interrupt damage spells as much as possible. If Zerk Rage is off and still cooling down, go ahead and interrupt a fear, but warlocks hit hard enough that you want to avoid whatever damage you can from them.

-Remember that heavy-damage DOTs mean you're in a race against time. The warlock probably isn't packing a lot of health, which gives you a chance, but between those DOTs, a Death Coil, and maybe one shadowbolt while you're DC'd, you're not likely to survive. You need to stay aggressive and hope for a couple of crits to swing the balance in your favor. Lower-damage DOTs indicate the warlock probably has a good deal of health, so the battle is going to be extended; be smart with interrupts, avoid all the fears you can, and keep him hamstrung, and you stand a decent chance.
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