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Protection Warrior PvP: Warriors

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How can you Mortal Strike... when you cannot build rage?

-There is one trick to beating a mighty Arms warrior. Stick your butt in Defensive Stance and pop shield block on every cooldown. Take advantage of the fact you keep the shield block charges when changing stances in order to keep hamstring on. If you have Improved Revenge, that should also give you a number of opportunities to re-apply hamstring. Keep your opponent slowed, and, as always, use Berserker Rage on every cooldown to maximize your own rage buildup.

-Learn to anticipate your opponent's Intimidating Shout. It's not rage efficient to keep Rend on all the time, but if you can pick your spots, you can make sure the other warrior doesn't get a chance to bandage.

-Work on increasing your block value. If you're in blues with a Draconian Deflector, you may fight a warrior with an Arcanite Reaper and think, wtf, this Zyliah idiot doesn't know anything! But if you grab an Immovable Object and three pieces of Might, your block value should nearly double, and you'll start to see how powerful it becomes.

-As with paladins, try sundering and get a feel for what's most effective. This will mostly depend on how long you can make a fight last (or need it to last); the longer, the better. If you do decent to good damage, it may not be an efficient enough use of rage, but then, it may be. Just don't let it drop off.


Fury has its uses, but fighting off other warriors isn't one of them.

-Use the same strategy as above. If you can beat an Arms warrior, you should beat an equally-geared, equally-skilled Fury one, since using a shield is a good deal more effective against dual-wielders. But remember, Bloodthirst is usable when disarmed, so don't think a quick disarm at the end of a fight will save you.


-As with any heavily armored target, consistent use of Rend is suggested. Berserker Rage becomes extremely important for rage generation because of the low damage involved. Otherwise, yet again, stay in Defensive and make it a battle of attrition. Gear and spec will go a long way towards determining the winner, so stick to the plan, stay consistent with your shield block spamming, and try to find advantages wherever possible.

-Sunder is a good idea if you can keep it up, but remember, many Protection warriors (especially at the higher gear levels) will stack a lot of defensive stats. It may get frustrating having nearly all your sunders avoided, and the defense makes it harder to keep those sunders on. Try to get a hamstring on them without one on yourself, and use maneuvering to land the sunders. (CB, if it hits, is fantastic for getting hamstring + rend on.) Likewise, if you're sundered, try to get the timer fairly low and then incapacitate your opponent so it falls off. That will piss him off badly.

-This type of fight will probably require greater rage efficiency than any other. If anything can swing the battle in your favor, it's using each point of rage more effectively than your opponent.

And, against any warrior, pop a Disarm and see if they're immune. Warriors and rogues are the main classes to use it against.

Allow me to restate that Protection is not a strong 1v1 class. The above strategies outline some different methods of fighting relative to the "murder death kill" mindset of Arms or Fury. Even using them perfectly, however, doesn't ensure victory against several classes and specs. But you'll have more of a chance than if you sit there and hopelessly press buttons, and you may well be surprised at what you're capable of once you get good at the Protection PvP thing.

On to group PvP. This won't take too long.

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