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Rogue Leveling Guide

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The Rogue is a relatively painless class to level, considering that a Rogue is designed to kill mobs quickly. However, the best way to level any character or do anything for that matter is focus and commitment to the task at hand. The level ranges given are just a rough idea of what you can expect to be doing at any particular time. In most cases the mentioned zones will have a plethora of quests to finish for a lot of xp.

For horde or alliance Rogues this will consist of beginner area quests, though at this point a Rogue can kill mobs so easily that any gaps between quests will easily be filled by a little bit of monster killing. Gear has no particular significance at this level so you should feel free to equip whatever you can find, and perhaps save up enough cash to train in swords.

Here's where it starts to get interesting.

The horde has an early instance option called rage fire chasm, located in orgrimmar itself, in the cleft of shadow. This instance isn't until roughly level 15-17 for most classes, but there are still many quests to be had in durotar or mulgore and particularly the barrens or silverpine will have quests of interest, as well as easily grindable monsters.

For the alliance you are without an instance for a little while longer, but there are many quests in loch modan and particularly good quest chains in westfall that will help you with your experience grinding.

At this point many horde and alliance will start leveling in the same places, doing the same instances etc. Obviously, this can be somewhat dangerous. But you’re a Rogue! That's what it's all about. Both horde and alliance tend to share the ashenvale stonetalon and one thousand needles zones, as they both have quests there for ranging through the 20s. Both factions may take an interest in each other's home zone instances (Wailing Caverns, Dead Mines) though it may not be possible to obtain more than 1 or 2 quests for the opposite instance. As you reach 23-25 roughly both the alliance and horde will have Blackfathom depths open to them, which is actually a very entertaining instance with many useful drops for most classes.

Initially, alliance will want to do the Deadmines instance in westfall, as a major quest chain ends there and decent initial upgrades can be found. Afterwards ashenvale is a relatively safe place for the alliance to level, and as you get higher in the 20s duskwood is as well.

The horde will be eyeing Stonetalon Mountains as well as ashenvale, and one thousand needles becomes a viable leveling group towards the mid 20s as well, but first horde will have a productive instance in the form of Wailing Caverns, with several quests even being given right above the entrance. The instance isn’t as large as Deadmines, but is actually quite full with many bosses and even a large boss at the end that requires all the other bosses to be defeated.

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