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Rogue Leveling Guide

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Probably the most enjoyable level range in the game, this one is all about Scarlet Monastery. There's a little something for everyone in scarlet monastery, and with 4 instances of varying levels most classes could pretty much level this whole range inside of it. Because of this it is usually extremely easy to get groups at any time of the day. If you're planning on questing, the zones of Stranglethorn vale Desolace and shimmering flats section of one thousand needles are good places to go.

Most veterans will agree, this is the most annoying level range in the game. Though it may be, the addition of quests by blizzard shortly after release softened it up a bit. The first thing you’ll want to do if you're done with Scarlet Monastery's Cathedral is run Razorfen downs. A lot of people dislike this instance but it has several bosses and good gear available from it, though few quests. The instance is somewhat easy if you have a tank and healer that know what they’re doing. After Razorfen Downs you should be in the mid 40s, and you'll be ready to do Zul'farrak. This would be a good time to take a break and do some quests, as several of the quests in hinterlands relate to an encounter in Zul'farrak as well as a chain quest or two that originates in tanaris, which is a great place to quest at this time as well. Along with tanaris the Badlands are suitable for questing at the beginning of the level range, dustwallow marsh and swamp of sorrows will help you along as well and there are a large number of quests from camp mojache in feralas. Towards the end of the level range you'll likely want to start doing maraudon, a 47+ instance in desolace, as it has 3 sections all which contain invaluable upgrades for most classes, things you'll be using until level 60 in many cases.

The home stretch. Though it requires more experience then probably the first 3 level ranges combined, it is probably the one you'll notice the least. Who notices a little hardship when victory is so close?

You will probably still be doing maraudon by level 52, trying to get specific items unless you got really lucky on your previous runs, but at this point you can begin doing sunken temple in swamp of sorrows. Sunken temple contains mostly caster upgrades but if you're a skinner you stand to bank pretty well off of it, as one of its sections is completely filled with green dragonkin. Sunken Temple is usually avoided once you can do Blackrock Depths however. On the other hand, Blackrock depths is probably the biggest 5 man instance in the game, there are a plethora of upgrades and items to get. Specifically, one of the best obtainable Rogue daggers outside of Molten Core and Battlegrounds drops off of Plugger Spazzring in the bar of Blackrock Depths, called the Barman Shanker.

At 58 (57 might be stretching it a bit) you can probably begin doing endgame instances such as Strathholm, Scholomance, and Blackrock spire and begin collecting your blue set from these instances.

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