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Rogue PVP tricks and Best world of warcraft Rogue tips

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' PvP Tricks! - For the OMGPWNT's Soul

Ever find yourself in need of a new edge in PvP combat? Here are some things I have found to be very useful in the midst of battle.

66+ Only, CoS+Setup Tip 1

-If you see a mage with his Frost Armor on pop on all possible attack speed buffs like slice and dice blade fury if you have it and if your a troll, BESERKING *cough*, anyways after doing so get nice and close to the mage and pop CoS and go at him with all spammage and melee. You will 90% of the time get a resist on his Frost Armor effect and the combo points will literally pour in. In the time of auto attacking 1 mage with just slice and dice and troll beserking I was able to get off 2 5 Point eviscerates and a 3 point with only combo points from setup. Fancy that eh?


-When you are up against a priest and he knows your there wait till he casts his Power Word: Shield (if he hasent already) and once you see the debuff go away count off 8 seconds and go in and sap him. Most priests will not apply their PW: Shield until it is in the last few seconds of running out or they are under attack and it is possible to reapply. After you have them sapped wait for the sheild to run out than do what you would normally do. The sheild is one of the things that lets a priest survive with plenty of health after a rogue gets the jump w/o it he will start the fight at low health and you can most likely finish him with your normal routine.

Mage+Frost Nova'd+Distract

-So here you are against a Mage, Frost nova'd in place Vanish is on cooldown and if you have it so is your CoS, You just need to finish off his last 20% health but he has you! Has you down to 15% and about to finish you off, or is he? Distract saves the day here! In the last couple seconds before his big ass pew pew Pyro or w/e is about to own you is finished casting you can distract him in the opposite direction and cancel his spell! Go figure! And most likely after this much time has passed your bind will break free and you can go and finish off the confused mage who is facing the opposite direction.(great if your daggers btw)

Fleeing Mage+Distract

-Many may have already accomplished this and they know what I mean when I say it is one of the best feelings in the game when you do this. So you just throwed down your uber pro rogue skills. The mage you were defeating is now running away and your sprint is on cooldown. He blinks away, !STOP! Now get ready to own this mage! Use your senses and your natural mojo to distract at the same time he is about to blink. Make sure he faces towards you when you distract him and if all goes well he will blink directly towards you! Quite oftenly right in front of you or within 5 yards. Now hes left without a blink and you can do whatever you want in the time he cannot get away, poor poor mage. Enjoy!

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