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Rogue PVP tricks and Best world of warcraft Rogue tips

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The second Rogue tip is to learn agro control. Rogues have tha abilities of dealing a lot of damage fast, the leather armor they wear means they are not the best class to take a lot of damage. Just because a Rogue can use abilities to do damage much of the time, does not mean he should. Add-ons such as threat meter can help the rogue determine when to use abilities such as feint to lower his agro.
The last but not least Rogue tip is similar to the other tips given out to melee classes such as Paladins and Warriors. Rogues may be less dependent on armor than other classes in World of Warcraft, but in order to do the most damage possible a Rogue should have the best weapons he can afford. Because Rogues and Mages share the top spot or being the best DPS class, a groups can help the rogue get decent gear.
Keeping armor up to date while not as important will help a rogue stay alive longer and lose the attention of a monster or give his group's tank a chance to use his taunt ability.
More useful tips that Rogues were able to utilize to improve our playstyle. They could be PvE or PvP tricks. Try to share tips that many Rogues don't use, or that aren't covered by other Rogue guides.
Vanish makes you immune to incoming directed spells for. 5 seconds after Vanishing (this prevents incoming spells from breaking Vanish, which was an early WoW problem for us). In the meanwhile Vanish makes you immune to incoming projectiles of any sort as long as they are in the air at the time of cast, not including an instant before hitting you. If the projectile or any instant-strike attack is "on top of you" when you cast Vanish, you will still be Immune, but Vanish will break. As such, you can also absorb instant cast abilities in PvP and PvE such as Murmur's Arcane Explosion, or if you most likely just had a bad timed Vanish, you'll absorb a Cold Blood Eviscerate.
With proper timing, you can avoid almost any directed spell, be it PvP abilities like Pyroblast and Fear or PvE abilities like Illhoof's Sacrifice (watch his target - if he changes to you briefly when sacrifice is nigh, mash Vanish). Beware - it won't work on AOE abilities, only directed spells.
Distract is an effective pulling utility - it's the only ability that will halt a mob in its tracks or turn its facing without aggroing it. Using it, you can set up pulls for your group, for example solo-pulling Skeletal Waiters in Moroes' room). You could also use it in-combat at an oncoming patrol to keep it from adding for 10 seconds.
Also, in PvP, if you distract a passing mounted opponent it will confuse their facing and halt them in their tracks for about one second - often long enough to get close enough for a sap or cheap shot.
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