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Rogue Races 1

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What class are you leveling for? World of Warcraft offers ten races, but only eight of them support Rogues. Draenei would be Rogues but being sneaky just doesn't work when they hang around living light bulbs. Tauren Rogues? Yes, they can sneak. You will just never find out about them. Just ignore that loud clop-clopping. It's just the wind about to put a hoofprint in your rear.

Some of the Rogue-compatible races are actually compatible, but there are some that only look good until you start fighting people.



Human Rogues benefit from all their races' traits. They have a higher skill with swords and maces, giving Rogues that specialize in those two weapons a higher chance to hit and crit. And with Perception, a Human Rogue properly specialized in their trees can detect other stealthed classes before they're revealed. For Rogues, information is important, but a first strike is vital.


Dwarves seem more likely to drink themselves under the table and fool everyone by being drunk. But being slightly larger than gnomes, Dwarves are still fairly formidable at sneaking around as compared to the taller races.

Their racial trait, Stoneform, clears out Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects and increases their armor by 10%. 8 seconds means a lot in PvP, and with Cloak of Shadows, that means two chances to remove three of the effects Stoneform handles. That's two chances to escape or two cleansing effects to reduce damage-over-time effects.


Gnomes have two things going for them as Rogues: They're tiny and they can resist speed-altering effects. Gnomes are perfect for hiding in tiny places while they're stealthed, reducing their chances of detection, but once the fighting starts, that gnome had better be well-equipped to survive the fight. At least gnomes are tough to track, but in WoW, hitting a midget is the same as hitting a dragon once you're in melee or casting range.

Using a Gnome Rogue isn't an effective way to use the race. They have slight resistance to Arcane damage and a boost to their Engineering skill, but Gnomes are more effective in spellcasting, where their intelligence boosts are really put to the test.

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