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Rogue Races 2

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Night Elves

Passively, Night Elves make for some of the better Rogues. Their dodge rate is increased and Shadowmeld becomes more effective for them than any other Night Elf class. While Shadowmeld for a Night Elf that isn't a Rogue forces them to remain still during the skill's use, that skill boosts the stealth level of the Night Elf Rogue. Like the Humans' Perception, that means information and a better chance at getting your first strike.


To Rogues, getting stunned or disabled for longer than 3 seconds is death. To Rogues, hitting hard is just as important as hitting fast and precisely. Orcs have stun resistance, and while you can simply drink a potion to give yourself immunity to stuns for 30 seconds, any stun resistance after that period until you can drink another one of those potions is welcome. Blood Fury gives Orc Rogues more attack power in their hits. Combined with a stunlock, that's tons of damage with little effort.


Offensively, like the Orcs, Trolls offer a supreme racial trait that boosts their attack speed reversely proportional to how much health you have remaining. Berserking. That's 10-30% increase in attack speed and again, like Blood Fury, putting your opponent in a stunlock before using it leads to considerable damage. Any Rogue geared for speed will learn to appreciate even a 10% raise in attack speed. Geared properly, a Troll Rogue could reach speeds of one hit every half-second, depending on their selected weapon.

Blood Elves

Mana Tap? Don't think that's just mana that it can steal. After 3 charges, activate Arcane Torrent and not only get 10 energy per charge, but silence every enemy near you for 2 seconds.

The downside? Mana Tap takes 30 seconds to cool down. And you have to cast it two more times before getting Arcane Torrent's full effect. Sure, the counters last for 10 minutes, but this needs a fair amount of preparation. Pre-PvP, you'll have to Mana Tap every mob you meet to keep it fresh. In battlegrounds, you don't have the luxury of extended preparation and if you die, those counters are gone. Realistically, that's 10 energy and 2 seconds of silence. It's a life-saver, but don't count on it for every fight. Learn the stunlock.


Undead are the only race with two active racial skills: Will of the Forsaken and Cannibalize.

The first skill grants immunity to Charm, Fear, and Sleep even while the Undead Rogue is under those effects. Though Dwarves have Stoneform to deal with damage effects, their racial skill is useless if they're disabled by a spell. For Undead Rogues, the earlier Will of the Forsaken is used after they've been hit by those statuses, the less distance they have to run to the target and the less time that target has to do anything.

And what are zombies without the ability to eat flesh? Cannibalize gives back 35% of the Undead Rogue's health if there's another undead or humanoid nearby that's ripe for eating. Solo or in group combat, that's a fast way to recover lost HP, though the second situation will need someone to cover you, of course.

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