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Rogue Racial Guide

Author: Alexander Source:

It also removes the Druids rip finishing move, undead priests devouring plague, and the hunters wyvern sting, serpent sting, scorpid sting, and snake trap poisons.
+5 gun skills to all dwarves - pointless for a rogue, but a stat nethertheless.
+10 Frost Resistance to dwarves - not much of a stat, but again can be useful, giving you a slight advantage against frost mages.
Treasure Finding - when activated you can find treasure on your mini-map. This has no cooldown and lasts until canceled.
Escape Artist is the ability to break out of a Root or Snare effect, casts - 1 minute cooldown
This is good for removign boss debuffs which include snare. So if a debuff has slow movement and causes damage over time (DOT) it will remove both together.
Expansive Mind increases Intelligence by 5% - The intelligence ability is only good for casters, so pretty irrelevent for a rogue. For a rogue you are looking at the agility attribute, followed by attack power.
+10 Arcane Resistance for gnomes - a chance to resist sheep, which can be slightly useful, but only slightly.
Technologist which is +15 Engineering skill bonus.
Perception increases stealth detection (dramatically) - Lasts 20 seconds with a 3 minute cooldown.
Nice in PvP against other stealthers.
The Human Spirit is the Spirit which increase of 5% - Not really much to fuss about, a slight health regeneration increase, but thats about it.
Diplomacy is 10% bonus to faction point gain - the reason we always choose to roll human as we like to level our factions, which is still something we working on. This can play a big part at level 70 when you want to grind rep points for faction rewards and in order to enter the heroic instances for better rewards. This is easily one of the best racials in the game.

The last but not least, there are some extra tips for you. Your PvP Rogue build should be based of the ability to stun opponents and win fights. But a few classes/races have substantially high stun resistance that you must pay attention to. Most Priests have a 15% stun resistance talent, defensive Warriors can also have 15% stun resistance, and most scary of all, the orc race has 25% stun resistance standard (without any armour or other upgrade). Learning to deal with this by using mostly ambush will bring you many more victories then you would have expected.

Let's say that the basic neutral to exulted starts at 3000 and doubles everytime, so 300 for friendly, 6000 for honored, 12,000 for revered, and 21,000 for exulted… this combines to a total 42,000 rep points. so the 10% increase will save you getting 4,200 rep points for each faction to get exulted. This is the reason we like this attribute.
More or less, the Rogue class is a favourite. If you would like to learn more about how to fully become an elite Rogue, you should check out our wow gold site: Here you will learn what it means to be a Rogue, from PvP skills specialized for each class, to how you should be wow power leveling your character. 


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