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Shadow Priest Basics

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  We have played a Shadow Priest for a while, that is to say, we have got some experience from playing. So we want to share something with you. To begin with, we will cover the basics because we assume that if you are in there you know your class. The basics of what we will be covering are talents, stats, gear, and spell rotation. This stuff is very basic but once you have a grasp of this you will soon be able to come to a raid and not gimp yourself. Before we get into this though we will say we aren't expert, these are solely opinions and though they may be rooted in fact, you may disagree with a few of those points.
   In regards to talents, we have to say how utterly disgusted we are with a lot of people who first spec to shadow. The most common build and the most balance is a 14/0/47 build with the most notable talents including: Inner focus in discipline, and leaving out imp VE. Now for those they will think leaving out imp VE is a bad thing. But once you start raiding you will see you can't always use VE let alone the talented version of it. Simply put it is amazing in kara through mag, and from the limited experience on the PTR with Zul'Aman. The real problem is when you have 1k+ shadow damage and are doing fights with AoE damage or adds the healing will cause too much threat. One fight that comes to mind is Void Reaver and A'lar, with void reaver at about 40% (depending on your tanks TPS) you will probably pull agro or be close to it. A'lar is different in that it depends on how well your off tanks are doing.
   Then the stats are quite basic and easy to figure out for raids. Once you get your hit rating cap which are 76 +hit rating after talents. Your next stat priority is damage, now some disagree and say that mp5 is better and that it allows you to go through longer fights. Back to stats, going into raiding (kara doesn't count) you should have +76 hit rating, 880-1,000 shadow spell damage and 7k health self buffed The only gear that we use right now that is from raiding is Rytssin's Lost Pendant (+stam, +shadow dmg), malefic girdle, and cloak of dalaran. The rest is tailoring and heroic gear/reward. With the gear listed above, combined with the arena season 2 maces/daggers, you can easily be topping 1.1k shadow damage without even setting foot within a 25 man. But we can't forget that to achieve this we must take up a very costly profession, tailoring.
   The rest is tailoring and heroic gear/rewards. With the gear listed above, combined with the arena season 2 maces/daggers you can easily be topping 1.1k shadow damage without even setting foot within a 25 man. But we can't forget that to achieve this we must take up a very costly profession, tailoring. What you will be making is your Frozen Shadoweave, and Spellstrike sets along with belt of blasting.
You have the regen while casting talent in disc, VT up all the time, and your gear does not have any innate mp5 on it. Now you can have the best gear but it won't mean anything if you don't know a simple spell rotation. The nuking build isn't as much as a spell rotation as it is cool down management, what you have to do is keep your dots up. But please note, if you are constantly doing this, it will put stress on healers in VE isn't up, you will be generating a crazy amount of threat. Now each fight will come down to a different rotation since especially now since the burning crusade, Blizzard has done a good job of mixing up the scripting on the fights so there are a lot of variables.
At some point you are bound in your raiding career to be on the verge of pulling agro, what you need to do is don't freak out and start running around. If you were playing the way you were supposed to be you should have time to think it out, just go to the endurance rotation. A good tank will be able to generate more TPS than what your endurance build generates so you should just use that rotation till you have dropped comfortably in threat to resume. This was for people who just went/new to shadow and have no idea what to do for that kara/gruul's that is coming up. Just keep your head on your shoulders and use basic game mechanic knowledge to help you maximize your DPS. The more damage you do, the more you are useful to your raid.
Through above-mentioned content, we best hope that you can get the hang of this content and you can come to our cheap wow gold site to find more information you are looking for.

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