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Shaman Beginner PVP Guide

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   It is a fact that player versus player encounters can be difficult and unforgiving for new players. Other players will take no time to explain or help for many times. Here we want to make mention of the guide for you to help you Shaman with PVP Specs and methods.
   To large scale, Shamans are a powerful Player versus Player class with many PVP oriented abilities. The can hold their own and even dominate some other classes, especially if played right. Having the proper talent point spec has a great bearing on a Shamans ability to battle other classes in PVP.
   Elemental Shamans have the ability to deal high amount spell damage, up to par with Mages, Warlocks and Priests. It is important for you to know that any talent increases damage, decreases mana cost or decreases cast time. In general, totem increasing talents are not in so high demand as enemies can wait outside Shamans casting range, thus alleviating the use of Totems. Shocks and Lava Burst are fast and very damaging ways to deal damage, along with Elemental Mastery and Chain Lightning.
Of late, Enhancement Shamans have come along way. Their new ability to Dual Wield has dramatically increased their versatility and Damage per Second, as well as their upgraded Stormstrike and Lava Lash abilities.
When dueling, Shamans should plant their four most important totems, depending on Spec, around them and stay put. Most of the time, enemies won't charge into this horrific situation, but with enough goading, they can be persuaded to engage and give the Shaman the advantage. By and large, Shocks should be conserved for Earth Shock to interrupt heals or powerful damage spells. Against characters unable to do either of these, Fire Shock can be used with Lava Burst for Elemental Shamans and Frost Shock can give a movement speed advantage for Enhancement Shamans.
On the whole, Enhancement Shamans thrive in melee situations and can get heal off fairly well even under duress. Stormstrike should be used every time it can be. This ability deals devastating damage, especially coupled with Windfury Weapon.
In essence, Shamans are avoided because of their considerable power in World PVP situations. If an Elemental Shaman can get the jump on an enemy, it's all over but the crying most of the time. Shock kiting, that is using Frost Shock to move faster than an enemy and evading melee range until Frost Shock is ready to use again, is a valid strategy and can be used in dire situations.
By any means, Shamans should finish off their opponent necessary without delay before going after the player if attacked in the World. The Non-Player Character can interrupt healing spells and cause general trouble for the Shaman. Elemental Shamans are at more of a disadvantage than Enhancement Shamans in this situation and should use fast casting damage spells, especially the Flame Shock and Lava Burst combination to deal damage.
Enhancement Shamans can deal death as quick as possible. Most players cause their faction to lose by standing around idly and looking scary. Pushing and moving enemies back is vital, and this is done by taking initiative and attacking. Other friendly players will attack with the Shaman and will progressively move closer to the objective. With a healer on the Enhancement Shaman, they can generally destroy several enemies before being killed.

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