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Shaman PvP/DPS Talents

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39: weapon mastery 5/5
40: dual wield 1/1
41: stormstrike 1/1
42: dual wield specialization 1/3
43: dual wield specialization 2/3
44: dual wield specialization 3/3
45: unleashed rage 1/5
46: unleashed rage 2/5
47: unleashed rage 3/5
48: unleashed rage 4/5
49: unleashed rage 5/5
50: shamanistic rage 1/1

At this point you have all the main shaman talents for PvP and you can start working your way back up the enhancement tree.

51: toughness 2/5
52: toughness 3/5
53: toughness 4/5
54: toughness 5/5
55: enhancing totems 1/2
56: enhancing totems 2/2
57: mental quickness 1/3
58: mental quickness 2/3
59: mental quickness 3/3

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Now you can choose to keep putting into the enhancement tree or start putting into the elemental tree. At this point I chose to put into the elemental tree for convection and elemental warding.



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