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Sha'tari Skyguards Reputation Guide:HONORED -> REVERED

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I cannot totally finish this all the way to exalted but there is one thing to mention which is helpfull. Once honored you can fly between the 2 bases on a nether ray for no cost.

From this point onwards there are the following to do:

Daily Quests:

Aerial Bombing on the eggs (skettis): 350 rep
Aerial Bombing on fel cannon balls (BEM, also Ogri'la): 500 rep
Wrangling Nether Rays (BEM, also Ogri'la): 350 rep
Escort Quest (Skettis): 350 rep

Total of 1550 reputation every day.


6 Shadow Dust, atleast 30 rep, avarage 1 on 3-4 mobs drops them, so safe to say 100 rep by killing enemies. another 75 reputation from the elixir.
For the Scrolls multiply this by 4 (taking it safe) for an total of 525 rep (excluding the rep doing this for the first of the 4 as stated right above here).
Doing the 4 Mini bosses, 550 reputation (assuming you are the only one taking the quest item and other don't need their summon).
Summon Terokk and killing him another 200 rep.

Total of 1450 and excluding killing trash to make space for the mini bosses.

Total of 2900 reputation if try to do the above every day.

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