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Sha'tari Skyguards Reputation Guide :Friendly -> Honored

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Friendly -> Honored:

Get 6 Shadow Dust from the Skettis. The birds are not worth killing, in general Neutral and on avarage 2.5 reputation. They always drop a grey item, rarely money as well but very few.. The first time you do this quest you get 250 reputation. After this it becomes repeatable and only grant 75 reputation. You get a lovely elixer in which you can see ghosts for 15 minutes.

Now you have the elixir you asked to kill 3 priests. All of them are north and north east. 2 in the trees and 2 in a house on the ground north east, just fly around. 15 min should be more then enough to find and kill them. Btw do not die while you have the elixir on you. You will loose the effect and it is a shame to waste it like that. One of the priests will drop an item which grant you the next part of the chain quest. When you have killed the 3 priests and still have time over kill the ghosts around as much as you can. They drop 'Time-Lost Scroll'. Keep those as you will need a lot more later on.

Ok once done that part get to the Blackwind Landing, then Lower City and then Blackwind Landing again. Next part starts. The current quest giver sais his military will take care of the rest.. yeah right they only time when they will is when you are fighting some nasty evil boss.. anyway next to him is an skettis in a cage. He offers help. Do his quest and he will ask for package. Then will ask for killing 4 mini bosses. This is where things start to get tedious. I hope you have some Shadow Dust. If not I hope you have some elixirs to see ghost.. if not then get them >.< just like I explain previously. The quest states you need 10 scrolls for this. Well guess again. You need 40 in total. You have most likely seen the summonings circles around. Well there is where you summon them.

Anyway, get 40 scrolls, should take between 3 and 5 ghost elixirs max. Unless you managed to waste 1 or 2 or perhaps even more. Get some more people and start summoning. There are 4 in total.

From the order you can summon (I will look up names later):

First one is a lizard type of way, at times he will go nuts and do some aoe and teleport around a bit. Like the food you have been giving the Hungry Nether Ray at the start.

The second one is a Skettis himself and rather easy. At some times he will summon a couple of birds in to help him. Between 6-8 or so. These guys die within 1 shot. I was one shotting them with 1 Mindflay ticks of around 550, my guess is that they have like 400 health or so.

The third is a golem and perhaps the hardest one. At random times or so he will get big, becomes red, slow and does an emote stating on who he will focus, that person has to kite him around. This will last only for a few seconds though so no worries as long as that person does not try to tank it. (5200 damage besides the 2k melee damage i got for being cloth. Probably fixed.) other then that he hits kinda hard at times.

Last one is a serpent, he does random aoe bolts of air on people. Does not hit hard but can be a tad annoying. They die rather quick. I guess around 80-100k health. (As soon as I have more information on this I will list it as my addons are not totally set yet and rather buggy.)
Hand this quest in and it will become repeatable. 350 reputation is what you get. Each of these bosses also gives 50 reputation netting you a total 750 reputation. Not bad and this is not including the reputation for killing all the skettis and ghosts to get all the stuff you need.

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