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Sha'tari Skyguards Reputation Guide :Friendly -> Honored

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At this point you should be almost Honored though anyway to finish it off:

After this you will get an item which allows you get summon Terokk. Time-Lost Offering As well when you are about to do this the first time the quest for this called 'Terokk's Downfall'. You will summon him at the very center. Hard to miss.

His abilities. He has 2 abilities which are worth while mentioning.

Every once in a while he does an debuff on a person. That person will grow in size and will have aggro on him for the remaining duration of the debuff (10 seconds). All healing received (or done, will check later) and damage dealt is doubled. He is yelling for you to show him what you got.

At 23-25% (unlike what wowwiki sais!) he will become immune to all damage. At this point the Skyguard (I told you they would help when you are killing some evil boss ) will start to throw bombs. This is marked by a blue what seems to be a spout from the ground. get him straight on it. The guards will through a bomb there and putting him in blue flames. While those flames are there he will become enraged but also takes damage. Repeat this till he is dead. Should not take more then 2-3 bombs though.

He will drop a random blue item with a random enchant or an epic along some crap. Killing him will grant you 200 reputation. If you have the quest for him then that will grant you another 1000 reputation.

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