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The Sunfury Mage

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   In World of Warcraft, besides a Warlock, Mage is obviously one of the best and only "area of effect" classes. Both a fire Mage and ice Mage will work ok but a frost Mage for sure will definitely shine over a fire Mage in this step by step guide. A frost Mage have much more survivability over the fire spec. Using this method, you should be able to average approximately 100 sunfury signets as well as possibly 5 arcane tomes. This itself should yield over 100 gold. More than likely you will also be receiving lots of rare items and recipes here as well.
   First of all, your Mage does not require to be greatly geared out but anything with over 400 bonus frost damage should do fine. Ideally you would want more, somewhere close to 700. Your Mage should have these abilities in their talent tree in order to utilize this guide. The following are a must to have; water elemental, ice barrier, ice floes, improved Blizzard, and cold snap. There are also other spells that I highly suggest getting such as permafrost, ice shards, piercing ice, icy veins, shatter, improved cone of cold, arctic winds, shattered barrier, fingers of frost, improved water elemental and deep freeze.
   In the World of Warcraft, as of the Burning Crusade, once you have the requirements set, you can make your way to Netherstorm in Outland. It is one of the highest level zones. Not only is this farming method ideal to farming for wow gold, but also for leveling your characters. With skill and practice, you can start farming with your Mage at about level 67 to 68. Ideally 68 because of the "to hit code" that you will face at lower levels. This is a great way to level yourself, gather gold and build your faction with the Scryers. Once you arrive at the neutral town of Area 52, make your way a bit south and west until you reach Mana Forge B'naar.
There are about 3-5 camps of sunfury mobs that you can easily kill. Above all, you should try small groups of maybe 3-5 for practice until you are more comfortable with the surrounding and the method you should use. Fully buff yourself up slap on an ice barrier then hop on your mount. Grab a small group of 5 with your mount and pull them onto a safe isolated spot where you can kill them with out interruption of your casting. Once you have them at your sweet spot, frost nova them down, blink away, bring out your pet if you need and start casting Blizzard. Should they get close enough to hit you and your frost nova is not back up, use your pets. Freeze them again, rinse and repeat with Blizzard, cone of cold or arcane explosion.
The more you get enough practice, the better you should be able to handle these mobs like a pro. You are in position to kill a group of 20 and up with no problem at all. Over time, this does get very boring but it is still one of the fastest and most commonly used methods of Chinese World of Warcraft gold farmers and gamers. You should bear in mind this cheap WoW gold farming technique requires lots of repairs on your gears as you will be getting hit quite often.
It goes without saying that the sunfury Mage is another method to farm World of Warcraft gold to some extent. No matter what happen at that moment, the main point here for you is to get the hang of this method. Good luck!

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