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The Warriors

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 In the World of Warcraft, the Warriors are masters of sword-fighting and combat. They share their origins with the Knights of Mercinae; The Knight is a physical combatant. He or she is concerned with the study of physical prowess (weapons, melee, swordplay, endurance) rather than over the airy magical realms. Consider the Knight profession if you are fast, quick-witted or aggressive, but keen to keep simple and effective. They are strong in combat both offensively and defensively though rely on good maintenance of weapons, armour and equipment
To large scale, the Warrior's Guild is the supreme military power of the Parrian empire of Avalon. It works for the Parrian government, with support from the First Mariner who is currently in power. In peace time, the Warriors serve as guards, although in war, they have also been used as an invasion force.
And also it prizes the virtues of duty, gravity, and piety. Duty is to one's own honor and to one's city. Gravity is the essential seriousness of life. Life is hard, and events must be judged, endured, and reflected upon with due care and earnestness. Piety is respect for the gods and the virtues they represent. A light, careless life is not worth living.
A Warrior must know the virtue of gravity. It is not the Warrior way to laugh at serious matters, for it shows disrespect. It is not the Warrior way to spread rumors, for they fester and breed dissention. A Warrior must show piety to the deities, our creators and ancestors. For without the divine, we would not have the chance to serve. And without divine law, we would not know right from wrong. And without giving thanks for these things, we would forget our place and our purpose.  
The legendary and ancient Warriors of the Jewel of the East are the hereditary defenders of Parrius. To be a member of the Warrior's Guild is more than being a great warrior. One must follow the triune virtues of duty, gravity, and piety. A Warrior's duty is first to the City, second to the Guild, and third to one's self. In the Divine War, Warriors of Parrius died bravely for their duty to Parrius.
In part, it praises all the skills of war. Not because we believe war is good or honorable in its own right, but because this knowledge is necessary to perform one's duty. Parrian warriors fight with two long blades or with a spear. A Warrior must also learn to use a bow and must be familiar with their surroundings. A Warrior wears heavy armor and is expected to know how to repair and maintain his own armor.
Be they seek to it as apprentices in the guild that their skills are suitable for service. Be they seek to advance in the ranks of the guild must demonstrate their virtues by service and obedience. And only they mastered all the skills and virtues can truly call themselves as Warriors.
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