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The White Lion

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Path of the Axeman:
White Lions who choose this path focus on the Mastery of their fine woodsman axes, preferring instead to use their lions as distractions as they approach from the side or Rear. The path of the Axeman requires good coordination with your War Lion or your group members so you can be allowed to strike from an unguarded flank.
Path of the Guardian:
White Lions who choose this path focus on diverting attention from their War Lion or Group members so that they can do the maximum damage possible. The path of the guardian does not directly increase the White Lion’s own defences significantly but focuses more on reducing his opponents damage output and distracting them from the War Lion or individual group mates.
Fighting the White Lion
Engaging a White Lion in close combat is always a dangerous situation. Not only is the master a hardy warrior but you have to worry about his savage little friend as well! The safest way to deal with the pair is to destroy the master from range, for the War Lion on its own, while formidable, reverts to its more feral nature losing the advantages of its master's training.
If you are tasked with the unenviable job of engaging the White Lion in close combat you must pay careful attention to the duo's tactics. By watching the positioning of master and beast you can determine who is the larger threat and finish them off first!
The Look of the White Lion
Light durable breastplate and mail armor, draped with hides
Graceful engraved High Elven woodsman axes
War Lion Look
Grows into new looks based on age
Ornate armored protection for Elder War Lions

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