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The WoW Death Knight guide

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Are you willing to make your Death Knight reach the level cap in the shortest amount of the time? Which talent do you prefer to choose? Wheather you want to play for PvP or PvE, tanking or DPS? Where get some killer Death Knight items for each level? Here this guide explains everything you need to know about the Death Knight. It provides an extensive and unique coverage of the class. The Death Knight guide comes with a well tested quest-by-quest leveling guide, giving you the means to speed your way through quests and levels all the way from level 55 to 80. Get a head start over your fellow Death Knights with the detailed explanations of the class skills and Death Knight talent trees offered in the guide.
Learn how to effectively manage your Death Knight in battles, how to control your threat and how to set up your talent trees for a specific role. Get all the tank related know-how including information on tanking for groups and raids, skill rotations, specific details on threats, PvE gear recommendation, enchants, inscriptions, glyphs and more. The WoW Death Knight guide covers all the must-know details for becoming the deadliest Death Knight ever known to roam the World of Warcraft.
The World of Warcraft Death Knight guide provides one whole section to get you ready to fight off anyone, and any monster, that gets in your way. Find out how to manage your inventory and reduce traveling time, plus how to get the most out of simple turn-in quests. You can maximize your leveling speed by combining the preparation tips with the quest guide; and all of this is found in the World of Warcraft Guide.
Is running back and forth in, and between, maps driving you nuts? Sick and tired of never finding the right item to get that quest done? Let the WoW Death Knight guide be your knight in shining armor. Discover in detail, who to talk to, which monster to kill or which items you must have, and in which [world of warcraft gold] order. Stop wasting time and relying on add-ons to find an optimized leveling path. Our Guide researchers have completed this quest order many times before to give you a blueprint of the fastest progression and completion of experience, item and other major quests.
Looking for secrets in the Blood, Frost or Unholy trees? Get an insiders insight into all Death Knight talents and how to use them in different situations whether it is PvP or PvE. Apply the most proven Death Knight builds to turn your character into an enemy-shredding killing machine in PvP or climb the damage charts in Raids. With the right setup, you'll be playing in a class of your own.
Want to become a master of PvP? Send your foes scrambling away at the sight of you. The Death Knight-only PvP strategies offered in the guide show you how to get the upper hand in 9 out of 10 fights. Learn how to deal a maximum amount of damage and how to make your hitpoints last much, much longer. Take advantage of ready-made strategies, equipment setups and talent builds to maximize the efficiency of your character.

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