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The barber shop in the World of Warcraft

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The Barber Shops are available in many of the major cities. Each will charge you the same amount and have the same variety of hairstyles to choose from, so visit the nearest one and get your new look whenever you want!When you are preparing your personalised character in the very beginning of World of Warcraft, you can not only choose the profession, class, or something like these, but also the hairstyle, moustach and beard etc. Today we will have some brief introduction of the barber shop in the World of Warcraft.
Barber Shop Locations
Alliance Barber Shops
Ironforge: The Commons. Near the Tunnel to the Great Forge
Stormwind: Trade District. Near the Western Exit.
Horde Barber Shops
Orgrimmar: Cleft of Shadows. Just down the ramp from the Rogue trainers and to your right
Undercity: In a small room near the Eastern elevator
Neutral Barber Shops
Dalaran: Magus Commerce Exchange. Near the Sunreaver's Sanctuary
Area 52: Netherstorm.
How to get a Haircut
After stepping into the Barber Shop, you will notice a Goblin will be standing in the very middle of it, along with several chairs ready for you all around the room.
Contrary to what many would expect, talking to the Goblin will not let you have your haircut. Instead, you will need[wow gold] to walk over to one of the nearby chairs and right-click it to sit down and use the feature.


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