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The class balancing and fingers of frost on the spur

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    Be you a part-time player or a professional player, this content is a part and parcel for all of you. In order to get full understanding of world of warcrft, it is a must that you should take short-cut to this content. We take this golden opporunity to make mention of the class balancing and fingers of frost on the spur of the moment.
     Keep in mind that class will get more spells and abilities going from 70 to 80. some of these abilities will add a new mechanics to certain class and we must make a balance around that. On the end world of warcraft game, on the whole each classes are always balanced, because we can look at everything a class has against all other class. While you see the end game at 70, we have been developping with 80 in mind for a quite time.
     First of all, we take a look at the class balancing in patch 3.0.3.
     The next class adjustments which you are referring is mainly related to class performance at level 80. It is not correct to argue that we are tuning damage outputdue to class performance at level 70, so that these class will be inferior at level 80.
     There are some buffs that are still party-wide and not raid. Typically these are spells which would have felt really lame with the lower numbers needed to justify them going raid-wide. Vampiric Embrace is another example.
     Then we talk about the finger of frost in detail. See below:
     In order to get the same effect from Fingers of Frost as from actual frozen targets, we would have to set up the spell the same way as freezing, so that you could sneak that Ice Lance in between Frostbolts. Right now you get 2 big hits from Fingers of Frost, which you rightly want to spend on Frostbolt. If we changed Fingers of Frost so that Frostbolt always broke it, then you would want to get that Ice Lance in there, but your overall dps would go down. We'd need to compensate Frost some other way for that nerf, and it's the kind of thing that might not be popular with the mage community because we'd be nerfing Fingers of Frost's damage potential in order to force you into using Ice Lance all in the name of more interesting rotations.
     If we also certainly made Fingers of Frost (or Ice Lance) better, then we're just going to have problems with Frost in PvP.
     Right now the Frost's PvE dps is very good, if anything it's a little closer to Fire than we predicted. If Frost starts to fall off for any reason, that would be a good opportunity to revisit FoF to see if we can get more of the behavior you're describing, because ultimately I agree it would be cool to see more PvE Ice Lances.
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