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Top Grizzly Hill Guides

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Grizzly Hill

Introduction & Zone Description
The Grizzly Hills are as hilly as the name suggests. Along the northern edges the land gains height and depth, approaching the level of small mountain ranges, while it flattens out a little in the south. Thick forest covers the land from end to end, broken only by small clearings or the space alongside one of the many streams and small rivers. Snow is everywhere but the region has little ice-the wind whistles overhead but the trees block it from entering down below, and the hills seem almost warm compared to the Dragonblight and the Borean Tundra. It's still dangerous, with treacherous slopes and hidden caves and partially frozen rivers, but better than most of the other regions. All manner of wild animals live in the area, and the hills are full of life. Wolves, bears, foxes, rabbits and some small deer are the most common. Mice and other rodents hide from the snowy owls and other raptors in the trees, but mercifully snakes and spiders aren't present here, likely due to the temperature. Wendigo and sasquatch prowl the hills, so it's best not to go out alone. The Drakkari live just north in Zul'Drak and sometimes their hunters drift down to the hills as well, in search of prey.

The Grizzly Hills have three major settlements, each controlled by a different race. It's strange that all three coexist here, and even stranger that they're all along the north edge. The southern hills have other furbolg tribes and the random trapper or traveler, but nothing larger than a small village.

There are several quest chains in Grizzly Hills. The Alliance start out at Amberpine Lodge and are first tasked with taking care of the wildlife and restocking supplies. Players are then ordered to strike up an alliance with the local hunters and trappers based out of Silverbrook, who have a dark secret. Having figured out the situation, players are then sent to figure out what went wrong with Vordrassil, the failed World Tree, and other problems at the Westfall Brigade Encampment.

Both sides find their way to Granite Springs to deal with the Scourge-infested trolls in the area, in quest chains that send players to Drak'Tharon Keep and to the far eastern side of Grizzly Hills at the Drakil'jin Ruins and the Squatter's Camp.
- Grizzly Hills
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Amberpine Lodge Amberpine Lodge is the primary Alliance outpost in western Grizzly Hills.
Westfall Brigade Camp The People's Militia has become the Westfall Brigade and is under command by Gryan Stoutmantle, who himself has received a promotion to Captain. They've relocated from Sentinel Hill to Westfall Brigade Encampment in the Grizzly Hills, joining the war against the Scourge.


Conquest Hold Conquest Hold is the main Horde camp in the Grizzly Hills. Conquerer Krenna, known to be agressive even for an orc, rules over the forces stationed there.
Camp Oneqwah Camp Oneqwah is an area in central eastern Grizzly Hills between Grizzlemaw and the coast. Tormak the Scarred and his Taunka reside here.


Prospector's Point Prospector's Point is a small Explorers League settlement at the north east of Grizzly Hills
Harkor's Camp

PvP Subzones

Venture Bay Venture Bay is a harbor located in the small southwestern coastal area of Grizzly Hills, Northrend. The harbor is being used by the Venture Co., but appears to be a center of conflict between Alliance and Horde over access to this port - scouts from the Westfall Brigade Encampment for the Alliance and Conquest Hold for the Horde are engaged in constant battle.

Blackriver Logging Camp Blackriver Logging Camp is an area that previously belonged to the Venture Company, but the Alliance and Horde has since then chased them off. They now fight each other for control of the area.

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